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Seeking quarterback insurance, Bengals meet with Harrington


ORLANDO, Fla. - Joey Harrington was in Cincinnati on Wednesday, and the Bengals have moved to the front of the line to acquire the Detroit Lions quarterback.

Bengals president Mike Brown on Wednesday confirmed Harrington's visit. Brown, other team executives and coach Marvin Lewis had been in Orlando all week for the NFL's annual meeting.

Harrington officially remains under contract with Detroit but was given permission to seek a trade. He was in Miami on Tuesday night, but the Dolphins balked at trading for the four-year veteran.


Agent David Dunn represents both Harrington and Bengals starting quarterback Carson Palmer, who is rehabilitating after having reconstructive knee surgery.

"Yes," Brown said, "there is concern about Carson's health."

Palmer's rehabilitation is going well, according to all sources close to the situation. But while it is hoped that Palmer will be ready for the Bengals' season opener Sept. 10, there is concern the team could be forced to employ another starting quarterback for the first several games.

"We first have to determine if we are a team (Harrington) would like to play for," Brown said. "Then we would have to work out a (trade) with Detroit."

Harrington is due to receive a $4 million roster bonus June 15 and a $4.45 million salary in 2006. If Harrington is unwilling to renegotiate his contract, the Lions will cut him to avoid paying the hefty bonus. Harrington was the third overall pick in the 2002 draft.

"There are some questions that have to be answered," Brown said in reference to Harrington, who visited with Bengals offensive coordinator Bob Bratkowski and quarterbacks coach Ken Zampese. "Maybe we will have those answers by the time we get back."

Harrington could be Bengals property if they agree to trade a second-day draft pick (Rounds 4-7). Harrington's salary demand is believed to be $3 million for a one-year contract.

In Detroit, former Bengals quarterback Jon Kitna and Josh McCown will battle for the starting quarterback's role.

Kansas City and Seattle also are interested in possibly trading for Harrington.

Also Wednesday, the Bengals announced they had re-signed linebacker Hannibal Navies to a one-year contract. He is a key special teams player.

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Carson Palmer(football) = Amare Stoudemire(basketball)?

Why take the risk of rushing him back on the field? He's a young guy that can be the building block of the franchise for a decade or more. At some point the "win now at all costs" mentality has to be tempered with a little common sense.

A one year contract makes a lot of sense for Harrington and the Bengals. As an owner of both Palmer and CJ, I'd like to see it because Harrington can get the ball to the Cincy WRs well enough for the first 4 to 6 games. And then he can go away.

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I'd like to see Collins as the starter for however long it takes to get Palmer back to 100%. Collins has the arm strength to take avantage of all those deep, downfield weapons at WR and the CIN offensive line is good enough that Collins lack of mobility won't force him into making nearly as many mistakes. Griese would have been a perfect fit too. Both are getting near the end of the line.

According to Peterson here http://www.kansas.com/mld/kansas/sports/fo...sas_city_chiefs

Joey still wants 8mil so.....no one will sign him til he swallows some pride and lowers that price
that is according to his agent....who interestingly enough...POSTED 12:43 p.m. EST; UPDATED 1:15 p.m. EST, March 30, 2006


For more than three years, the NFL Players Association has been trying to impose a two-year suspension on agent David Dunn. As we hear it, Dunn is now coming to grips with the likelihood that he soon will have to contend with a 731-day time out.

A league source tells us that Dunn is attempting to steer clients to his partner, Joby Branion, during Dunn's suspension. Dunn then would resume the representation after his suspension ends.

The NFLPA's agent regulations prohibit a Contract Advisor from "[e]ntering into any business relationship with another Contract Advisor to share fees and/or provide negotiation services for players during a time period commencing when a Disciplinary Complaint has been filed against such Contract Advisor pursuant to Section 6 of these Regulations and ending when disciplinary sanctions become final or, if the sanctions include a suspension or revocation of Certification, at the end of the period of the suspension." In English, another agent can't agree to step in and take over another guy's practice while the guy is on suspension, and the other agent definitely can't promise to funnel a pie of the piece to the agent on suspension.

It's unclear whether this provision applies where an agent turns over his clients to one of the partners in a pre-existing practice that already provides for a full or partial sharing of the agents' revenues. The plain language of the rule, however, suggests that it does.

We'd previously heard scuttlebutt that Don Yee would become the front man for Dunn's clients while Dunn is serving his suspension. Perhaps, in the end, Yee realized that he might be getting himself in trouble if he enters into such an arrangement -- especially if Dunn is looking to get a chunk of the cookie while he otherwise sits in the corner.

Dunn's suspension arose from testimony given during the trial of the lawsuit filed after Dunn left Leigh Steinberg's firm, allegedly taking clients who were under contract with Steinberg. The eight-figure adverse verdict entered against Dunn enabled him to file bankruptcy, which blocked the NFLPA's efforts to impose the suspension.

But the NFLPA has not relented. We've heard that union president Troy Vincent has vowed that the organization will eventually "get" Dunn. Given everything that has transpired, we have a feeling that the NFLPA will also be inclined to "get" anyone who tries to help him continue to work as an NFL agent during the looming suspension.

I don't think any of us expected him to be back for the season opener. Signing another qb is not a surprise of any sort-trying to grab Harrington instead of some old vet isn't something I saw coming.

A one year contract makes a lot of sense for Harrington and the Bengals. As an owner of both Palmer and CJ, I'd like to see it because Harrington can get the ball to the Cincy WRs well enough for the first 4 to 6 games. And then he can go away.
Only if Housh and CJ can catch the ball with their feet.... :lmao:

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