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Cincinnati at Baltimore (1 Viewer)

Green was so gassed on that play too - he barely could make it back to the line for the spike on the play before, wasn't in the pile for the jump ball, & it's tipped right to him.
Was yelling at my screen that play before. Almost didn't the play off waiting for him.

Awesome catch, but I'm really not terribly excited to watch more of this epic Flacco/Dalton showdown when it's cutting into Broncos/Chargers.

Remember when there used to be a good running back named Ray Rice in the league?

eta: Nice timing with the big reception

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Dalton is never going to win much in the AFC North. When the winds of November blow - and they also will - a QB has to stand tall and throw a ball that cuts through the elements. Like Ben and Flacco.

His Hail Mary completion will mask how terrible he was today. Last year's Ravens team would have won this game by 3 TDs or more.


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