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Cincinnati at Baltimore (1 Viewer)

Love the decision for the Bengals to go for it on 4th down, but the play call? A Dalton sneak when you need nearly a yard? Oof.

As a Browns fan whose team is 2 games behind the Bengals and who are on a BYE week today.

I wholeheartedly approve of the big lead that the Ravens have taken in this game. :bowtie:

Ridiculous horse collar call, but bengals are just off in all phases today. Gonna be a long day playing like this.

This reffing crew is getting their time in today.

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How does Lewis not challenge that play? The Receivers knee was clearly down and THEN the ball was pulled away.

That guy sucks as a coach

One thing led to another and when the dust had settled the Cleveland Browns had won their division. Browns players were contacted at their homes and informed that due to a series of odd events they had to return to Cleveland and their season wasn't over yet.

Cincinnati should have their own version of the Terrible Towel, with a picture of Dalton on one side and Marvin Lewis on the other.

I am starting to think if you took an all star team from the current AFC North rosters you may not have a legit playoff contender. What happened to this division?

What the hell are these guys supposed to do on the sideline? If you don't hit him, he stays in bounds and gets a first down. If you hit him, he steps out after you dive and it's a 15 yard penalty. There needs to be a one step rule.


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