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**TNF on Prime Video - Jets at Browns** (-7, 33.5u) 8:15 (1 Viewer)

Just awful officiating. Actually, it's not too much to say it's cost the Jets a shot at getting back into the game, which would make this a whole different.
12 men on the field?
Listening to music and not the booth, couldn't get that figured out for a minute
WOW and still the Jets have a little life if they could ever score a TD in the 2nd Half
Jets up 3-0 here in the 2nd Half, have managed to kill the clock as the Browns have run just a handful or two of plays and yet...
Jets are going to run out of time tonight in order to mount a comeback, still down 34-20
Hall paper cutting me to death with all these dump off receptions. Do they know they needed to move the ball down the field to catch up
Field goal.

Leave Hall on the bench. I started him and feel that way. They're all keying on him and I don't want to see him get blown up and lose a fumble.
15.25 points for JOK as of now. Credited with another tackle. That's awesome. I expected a decent game, but this was outstanding given no sacks nor picks.

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