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**TNF on Prime Video - Chargers at Raiders**(-3, 34.5) 8:15 (1 Viewer)

Rough week to start Raiders IDPers. If they didn’t get it in the 1st 3 quarters, they’re not gonna get it.

Lookin at you, Maxx & Spillane. :kicksrock:
Wait what ? Adams caught another pass ? I assumed they would take out the starters I already put Adams score on my spread sheets
Kick'em while they're down.

What classic rock song escapes me?

Edit: I think it was Don Henley. Let's forget all about this.
Man, the Bills DST is sitting on the WW right now and they play the Chargers next week. Any chance the Chargers bounce back and play professional football next week assuming Staley is fired?

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