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Cleveland at Minnesota (1 Viewer)

Musgrave makes it SO easy for Defense coordinators..

If they throw on 1st down, 2nd down will be a Running play to ADP 99.99% of the time. :wall:

:lmao: Way to make Hoyer look like the Next Rodgers there VIkes.. Might want to cover Gordan.. Just a thought

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Vikings D gives up a 45 yard bomb. Gordon makes his return. Cleveland is reportedly shopping him so that should help.

Vikings D gives up a 45 yard bomb. Gordon makes his return. Cleveland is reportedly shopping him so that should help.
After this week against the Vikes( with Cook suffering a Groin injury) they should be able to get a couple 1st, a 2nd and a few players.. A Walker like trade is coming. ;)

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Cleveland WR Josh Gordon makes it look so easy.

Note to Vikings.

We have no running game.

The only guys you have to worry about are TE Jordan Cameron and WR Josh Gordon.

Wow, Vikings fans turn on Ponder quickly
Watching that first drive they have every reason.. He over threw Wright, who was wide open, but had to stop and leap to catch it.. and then had a Wide Open TE only to loft it and have a defender jump and have it hit him in the back.. :thumbdown:

So far HORRID defense game plan.. They should be bring 6 or 7 on every snap at Hoyer.. Make them find a Running game and a receiver other then Gordon and Cammeron.

Vikings' D is horrid.

Isn't Defense supposed to be Frazier's thing?
:goodposting: :bag:

They lose this game and every single coach needs to be fired.. Not tomorrow.. Before they leave the field.. Just embarrassing so far to have a QB who has had 1 start before this game make you look like a Pee Wee Defense.

Awesome throw by Hoyer. Perfect placement. (I am glad I picked him up. He could be keeping the job)

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Cleveland 3rd string QB suddenly becomes a hot FF waiver wire pickup.

This guy 'could' turn into quite a find for Lombardi and the front office.

Ponder with a TD on the QB draw. Great day to be a Ponder owner.

ETA: I don't own Ponder, which makes for an even greater day.

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OMG a 37 yard pass to Patterson. Someone see if that's Ponder still out there.
Looks like so far they are going to use Patterson much like the last good WR we had that wore #84. Chuck it up towards him and let him make a play. :)

TD Ponder draw.. Hope no one started the Vikings or Browns Defense in this one as it looks to be an old fashion shootout on our hands.

Great call by a team that has nothing to lose.. Maybe the Vikes will take a hint.. aw, who am I kidding, :kicksrock:

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