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Collins for Boyd trade, I'm DESPERATE, Need Hep! (1 Viewer)


12 team league, 1 ppr, standard scoring

Straight up trade, I give Alex Collins, I get Tyler Boyd

My other RB's are Gordon, McCaffrey, Bernard, and Ekelar

My WR's suck, Landry, Stills, Cole, Goodwin, Agholar, 

Should I pull the trigger?  I'm desperate for a WR upgrade.  Coutee, and Gabriel are on the WW, but it's blind bid so you never know.  The other WR's are Snead, Moncrief, Dorsett. 

I hate losing a starting RB, but really need some WR help. Thoughts?

Absolutely! Boyd has way more upside than Collins, and your starting RBs are great. Backups are okay - Bernard will take a hit with Mixon back whenever that is, Ekeler is solid since he sees his share even with Gordon.

Take the trade, assuming that "Cole" is "Keelan Cole" of JQX, then this is a solid upgrade.

Do it only after waivers have run. If you get Coutee or Gabriel hold off otherwise during the Chargers bye week you are screwed as Bernard could be a part time player by then.


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