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Collusion? (1 Viewer)


A 1-2 team with a low points total in my FFPC league just lost a game to a 2-1 team with a good points total It was a close game. The 1-2 team had Cam Newton in as their starting QB, with only one QB on their bench, Joe Flacco. The 1-2 team lost the game by less than 10 points, which wouldn't have happened if Flacco had started because he scored almost 30 on his own. I'm not overly concerned about this for my own results, but it's a strange enough case, and one that would be easily overlooked as a lot of people never check the lineups in the other teams' games. Is there a process in place to deal with this? I'd like to raise the issue now in case something else comes up, like the higher ranked team decides to keep all of their FAAB money and the lower ranked team starts dropping studs at the end of the season.

There is a certain point in the season where dropped guys become locked to prevent this type of thing from happening. As for the guy not starting a qb, that can easily just be owner negligence. If he sat studs for weak options in addition to it , then u might have something. But I wouldn't think much of it. The 2-1 team just got a gift tho.

If this was Week 4, Newton was on Bye and definitely against the spirit of the game/rules and SHOULD be reported

Not cool, gets worse in weeks 8, 9, and 10 as the bad teams don't even check in any more. I understand their pain but it ruins it for other teams.

Most leagues have rule where if their is a player in starting lineup on a bye or IR and there is another playeron the enched that could have/should have start, it is assume to be a mistake and the proper player is inserted.

Maybe FBG should go back to the BB format with no transactions like they had a few years ago. it would avoid these types of problems. Im doing well in my league but I kinda feel like I made a donation, just waiting for the ball to drop on bad transactions. I purposely keep my WW money above the rest of the league to stay in front of stupidity

FYI - The official response was that this was probably just a mistake and there's nothing they can do about it. That seems wrong to me, but it didn't seem like there was much room for debate.


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