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Combined Draft Board (Offense/IDP Rookies) (1 Viewer)

Jene Bramel

Link to full feature.

I had to condense the draft board a bit for publication, so I thought I'd provide the original spreadsheet to download here to give folks an opportunity to check it out early (and alert me to any cut-and-paste errors) and have it in a form you can more easily print or modify.

Briefly, it's based on a 12-14 team, PPR, full IDP league. As in past seasons, I expect the draft board to be fluid this first week for lots of reasons and I'm planning the first update in the next 7-14 days.

Combined Draft Board.xlsx



  • Combined Draft Board.xlsx
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Good deal Jene.

No need to rush since we're entering the NFL doldrums and good analysis of the draft is very welcome so take as much time as you need.

Wow--I think that's the first time I've seen you put an IDP in the first round. Comment on Brown's talent, or the weak crop of skill players?

Wow--I think that's the first time I've seen you put an IDP in the first round. Comment on Brown's talent, or the weak crop of skill players?
Mostly Brown's upside. There are 14 players given first round grades this year. I think he belongs in the 10-15 range for now.

I'm not afraid to draft defensive players in the first round. Had Luke Kuechly just outside the first round this time last year, with a note to give him the benefit of the doubt as needed. Rolando McClain was a first round grade in 2010. The 2011 IDP class was brutal. In the years before I started producing this feature, I'd drafted Jerod Mayo and others in the 7-10 range.

Hey Jene,

Nice job.

Suggestion for a minor tweek in you IDP CB rankings.

I think the corner that Cleveland got in the third round has a legit shot to win the starting job as a rookie because their is NO COMPETITION.

If he wins the staring job he should see lots of opportunitis since Joe Haden as the other starting corner well...

I think Leon McFadden is in-line to get the tried-and-true rookie IDP corner bump.

What say you?

The Excel spreadsheet link is now attached to the initial post. Will link the full feature with commentary when it's published.

Thank you, I always use this in one way or another to help with my dynasty draft picks.

I see you're higher on Stacey then most. Is this because you like the talent? Or more so because you don't believe in Pead/Richardson and see Stacey as the lead back in the near future.

Of note: I finished the commentary very late Sunday night.

Since then, I've moved Markus Wheaton up into the second tier of wide receivers. It also sounds like the Niners are planning to use Tank Carradine as a base defensive end and situational pass rusher. That will move him somewhere between the second tier (behind Datone Jones) and Margus Hunt. Kiko Alonso also gets a very slightly higher grade after the Kelvin Sheppard trade.

I'll have these updates and more in an update to come soon.


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