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Conference call Video recording Tool (when screen sharing) (1 Viewer)


Have a work task and figured where's a more knowledgeable space than the FFA....

Our company uses uberconference for conference calls/screensharing  (no need to judge good or bad on uberconference...it's what we use and have to stick with it).     It allows to "record" sessions, but only records voice and NOT video.

With that I've been tasked to find a FREE option that would allow us to still use uberconference, but when have a need to record both the audio and video of that session will have that ability.

FREE (or a very small one-time purchase price) is very important as it's normally never a need, but every once in a while it's asked to record video (to capture the screensharing) and we always end up scrambling.

This would be used on both PC's and Mac's, but majority of time by a PC user.

Appreciate the guidance.

I guess you could use something like Camtasia to capture video and audio on a participant's PC, but it's not free.

The best option is to use a video/web conferencing service that lets you record video, audio and content, which means dumping uberconference.  Zoom is awesome.

Windows10 has a built-in screen capture thing that is meant to be part of the integration with XBox/gaming. I just used it for the first time last week to record a livestream of my daughter’s band performance.

Think you just hit Windows key + g to pop up the menu and start recording.

Don’t  know if that will do what you need, but all it costs is two keystrokes to find out.


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