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Coughlin oops (1 Viewer)


Giants coach Tom Coughlin spent quite some time on Friday chatting with the New York media at the Combine in Indianapolis. Here are some of the highlights of what came out of the session:(snip)

Coughlin said he was still unsure whether or not safety Brent Alexander and punter Jeff Feagles would retire.


The New York Giants released linebacker Barrett Green and offensive lineman Jason Whittle, and announced the retirement of veteran safety Brent Alexander.


Don't forget to call NY from Indy coach :D

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Actually, this isn't on Coughlin.

Alexander's agent said that Alexander has not yet actually made up his mind on retirement and is waiting to see how his surgically repaired shoulder feels in a few months.

Also The Daily News reported that Ernie Accorsi said Alexander be cut if he does not retire.

So it appears that Coughlin is better informed about his players then NFL.com.


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