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Could you make a case that Manny Ramirez... (1 Viewer)

If aliens came down from Outer Space and challenged us to a baseball game and we HAD to win, or they would destroy the planet, and we had a guy on 2nd with 2 outs in the bottom of the 9th in a tied game, there is no other human being I want up in that spot than Manny Ramirez.

With respect to the Elder Statesman, I love Poo-Holes, but, he's not the man, yet.

Jimmie Foxx?

I'd say Manny is getting close to the top 5 though. But A-Rod and Pujols are both in the discussion too (assuming you're not just talking about one clutch AB, in which case A-Rod ranks somewhere below Bobby Meachem)

Based solely on Adjusted OPS+, the top RH batters of all time are:

1. Rogers Hornsby 175

2. Albert Pujols 170

3. Jimmie Foxx 163

4. Pete Browning 162

4. Mark McGwire 162

6. Dave Orr 161

7. Hank Greenberg 158

8. **** Allen 156

9. Willie Mays 156

10. Frank Thomas 156

11. Hank Aaron 155

12. Joe DiMaggio 155

13. Manny Ramirez 155

14. Frank Robinson 154

15. Ed Delahanty 152

16. Gavvy Cravath 151

17. Charley Jones 150

17. Nap Lajoie 150

17. Honus Wagner 150

20. Jeff Bagwell 149

There's certainly a case to be made. The main thing with Manny is he consistency throughout the years.

Out of the past 14 seasons, in 12 of them he has over 100 RBIs and has never finished with a batting average under .294 in those last 14 seasons.

He's in the top 5 for sure, top 3 most likely.


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