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Crazy IDP Scoring System - - Draft IDP BEFORE Offense? (1 Viewer)


Hi all,

20+ year fantasy football player but 1st time IDP this year!! Love the IDP roundtable but need more help....please!!

Maybe the good doctor will even chime in on this one!

Ok, so check out this IDP scoring system. When do I start drafting IDP players?

When I look at the scoring system I think the super-elite IDP guys are better than the super-elite offensive guys?

1st round too soon? What about for Luke Kuechly or LaVonte David? LB's better than DL or CB?

Again, 1st time IDP.....lots of questions.

Thanks for any ideas!! :confused:

12 Teams - ReDraft - PPR

Starting Lineup










Passing Yards 20 yards per point; 1 points at 375 yards; 2 points at 400 yards; 3 points at 425 yards

Passing Touchdowns 5

Interceptions -2.5

Rushing Yards 5 yards per point; 1 points at 150 yards; 2 points at 175 yards; 3 points at 200 yards

Rushing Touchdowns 7

Receptions 1

Reception Yards 10 yards per point; 1 points at 175 yards; 2 points at 200 yards; 3 points at 225 yards

Reception Touchdowns 7

Return Touchdowns 7

2-Point Conversions 2

Fumbles Lost -2.5

Offensive Fumble Return TD 7

40+ Yard Completions 1

40+ Yard Passing Touchdowns 2

40+ Yard Rushing Attempts 1

40+ Yard Rushing Touchdowns 2

40+ Yard Receptions 1 4

0+ Yard Reception Touchdowns 2

Defensive Players

Tackle Solo 2

Tackle Assist 1

Sack 5

Interception 5

Fumble Force 5

Fumble Recovery 5

Defensive Touchdown 7

Safety 5

Pass Defended 5

Block Kick 5

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Let me preface this with I didnt really look at the scoring system. But I'll detail my process in a new league.

This info only really applies to MFL leagues as thats all I play, not sure if it applies to other providers.

First thing I do is hit top performers by player, all positions. This gives a good idea how things will be spread. Then I check by position QB, Wr, RB, LB, DE. How many in each are in top 50, 100, 250.

Im usually making simple spreadsheets at this point.

Then if it seems balanced ill look at scoring. Where are the big points on DEF. Is there something that stands out? Huge sack points, huge forced fumble, int, def td points?

Then im building my draft list based off a players tendencies, who he plays for etc...

I have no problem drafting idp in the first if its warranted. Though I only play leagues where all positions are balanced. If I hit a scoring by player all positions and see alot of different positions, im in.



I don't think it matters how crazy the scoring is, because the scoring applies to all IDPs, and IDPs are much deeper than offensive players. Gotta draft at least 5 rounds of offensive players before even considering IDPs, IMO.



IDP players should be drafted throughout the entire draft with these parameters. Is this just any defensive player for the 6 you start or is it broken down into DL LB and DB? To answer the question better we will need to know a little more info.

In general terms though its really about supply and demand.

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It looks like the RB position has some advantage (point for every 5 yds)

It does appear to be tackle heavy ie. two solo tackles almost equal a sack The major point differential involves "pass defended" which would require first making sure that it isn't indeed .5 (1/2 point) The downside is that pass defended can have a lot of variance ex. 20 last yr / 2 this yr.

Tackle assist is also quite important I would suggest considering a players assists number, as just as important as solo

The QB position looks kinda rough w the -2.5 per pick

Overall I may not argue the value of some MLB/SS in the League. However it can vary wk to wk in some respects. I would suggest filling the main players on offense before going IDP players

Also whats this? 40+ Yard Receptions 1 4 Is a 40+ yard catch really worth 14 points? I admit they do not happen often, if at all for some players But , WOW!



I would wait until the 5th to 6th round before considering any IDP player. Elite LB's should be the first ones off the board. An elite safety will probably come into play after the first 10-15 LB's are off the board. DL will be pretty useless. Watt or Quinn may score enough points throughout the entire season but consistency will be an issue. I would want to get at least 2 of the elite LB's. Make sure you make a list of LB's you can likely get later in the draft that have good upside. Wesley Woodyard will likely put up good numbers but won't require you to draft him very high. Look for value plays. Jene's tiers article can help you with this. Also don't rule out a CB. With the 5 points for pass defensed a CB can be a top 10 IDP player.



Please read Jene's signature for links! Everything will begin to make more sense!

Wesley Woodyard ^^^^ LB31 Locked in at WILB, durability concern holding him out of elite tier -per http://subscribers.footballguys.com/apps/article.php?article=14bramel_linebacker_tiers_postOTA

Good name in most circles, meaning a lot of "IDP guys" will know his name/value Fans may even reach!

Zach Brown <> LB45 Concerning that Titans' beat writers still weren't confirming Brown as starter after OTAs

There is more risk, and could be less reward. My thoughts get all your "key" offensive positions filled ie. QB / 3 WR's / 3 RB's / TE

It also might be hard to just drop Woodyard due to injury etc. This is a real sad side of IDP to a degree, matchups can dictate scoring. ie. Whatever Defense is facing a rookie may see a pick six or get a few sacks. However sometimes the best wind up w a goose egg. Im not saying chase points, but keep an open mind and watch players (scoring) Basically the 3 down LB facing a real running team should outscore the two down Thumper facing a passing team ie. If your Stud is playing Philly, its almost like a two for one deal in comparison to playing the Falcons (2013) -per http://espn.go.com/nfl/statistics/team/_/stat/rushing

In a tackle heavy League, Middle Linebackers will Rule (normally) while some Strong Safetys will play tough too But you still have pass's defended set at 5 points If this is true I would research and consider some DB's The top 50 DB's for pass's defended had 10+ (P. Amukamara had 14 pd w 76 tackles) However A. Rolle would probably be much better in both our Leagues.. Heres the link for DB rankings: http://subscribers.footballguys.com/apps/article.php?article=14bramel_defensive_back_tiers_postOTA

p.s. It might help if you make a yahoo League for fun, and set the scoring as listed above. Then go look at player scoring for the previous yr

Im not exactly sure if this gives you any helpful insight or not But in my League for instance:

HoneyBadger scored 137. (65 solo's/ 3 assists/1 sack/ 6 tfl/ 2 int/7 ret yds/9 pass defend)

Roddy scored 140.55 (63 rec / 711 yds 3 TDs/ 1 fum)

My point w these two is to show how the Badger scored (good performance imho) in comparison too Roddy, who was dealing with injury/missing games

K Dansby scored 297points

J Charles scored 431 points

Both Dansby and Charles are bad examples because my League is sorta big play (large bonus's so to speak)

Now you didn't mention the size of your BN's If its not all that big, I would lean towards having only six IDP's rostered (you will churn them) and theres no need to encourage hoarding IDP Grab them STUD RB's you think may GO OFF!


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