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D help needed (1 Viewer)

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choices at LB are:D Edwards - so-so 1st gameD Johnson-KC - awesome 1st game can he do it 2 weeks in a row?J Peterson - another 1st game gem - straight cheetsheet/rankings would say Edwards but Im not sold - need helpAt DbR harrison - horrible 1st game - earned me 1 ptMadieu Williams - playing a out of whack Vike teamCan only start 1 at each position - any and all insights are appreciated - thanks

thought it was esay too otter but both players were below average in week 1 - and it cost me a win
Yes, but they are both studs at their position, and when you bench them, it'll bit you in the ###.Not sure how much you lost by, but if you would have started your other guys, I doubt you would have won, because the point differential isn't significant.


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