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Dallas Homers.. update on Witten at all? (1 Viewer)

A lot of Cowboy fans believe that Witten has been playing through some substantial pain this year. He took an absolute beating some weeks with catching multiple balls and blocking which he is highly under-rated for. There was lots of talk about his shoulder which I believe is bothering him as well.

As some else already noteed, he played through a broken jaw in his rookie season. He'll play next week. I would start with caution however until Romo is back. Look for Witten to be back to more normal fantasy numbers by week 11.

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If he is out for any amount of time you have to think that Martellus Bennett may not be a bad pick up

If he is out for any amount of time you have to think that Martellus Bennett may not be a bad pick up
Only from the standpoint that he would take Witten's spot. However you have to look at the bigger picture:-Romo is out until Week 11-Bennett is a rookie and has been uneven performance wise. He has made some good catches and dropped easy would-be touchdowns as well.-He would be the 4th option behind TO/Roy11/Crayton Not a great pickup....imo.
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Newman, Henry, Felix, Romo all come back in Week 11. While they could use this game, the win against the Bucs gave them some margin for error. I'd kinda like to see him get the extra week to get truly healthy for the stretch drive. Witten would play but I suspect they could hold him out if it's close.

Witten will play. might be a good time to try to get him at a discount right now.

when Romo comes back and it's FF playoff time, should be business as usual.

rotoworld blurb

The Dallas Morning News reports that Jason Witten has been diagnosed with a broken rib, but wants to play through the injury Sunday against the Giants.Witten returned to Week 8 after suffering the injury, but was only able to play one series before exiting again. He hasn't missed a game since his rookie season, but Martellus Bennett and Tony Curtis would fill in if Witten sits. Source: Dallas Morning News

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