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Darren Sproles for Week 1 (1 Viewer)

drunken slob

12 Team League / Point per Reception

Starting Zeke Elliott for sure ------- Looking for the second RB. Not opposed to hearing about a third RB also.

My other RBs:

Doug Martin / Marlon Mack & Nyheim Hines / Jeremy Hill / T.J. Logan / S. Perine / Ingram (Suspended)

Why not? Foles is the QB, Blount is gone, Ajayi has limited work coming into Week 1, WR group thin at best, Ertz is the only player that will probably exceed his floor. When I note that Blount is gone, not seeking 1-yard plunges, mostly note this to say he might get a goal-line play or two out of the backfield. 

GO :banned:

I’d say no on Sproles.

He’s gonna have a few fantasy relevant games probably but who knows when they’ll come.

Ayaji is gonna be full go and the main guy.  Might not last all season but he’ll last game 1 at least.

Clement will spell Ayaji and get some targets out of the backfield.

Then Sproles gets the leftovers ...

12 team league and that's your RB's? I'm guessing Ingram was your 4th round or 5th, so I get that you just need to go 2-2 before Ingram gets in the lineup, but that has to be stressful to even have to consider Sproals.

I'm benching Ajayi and Clement because I want to take a wait and see approach.. Granted I have Zeke and Howard as RB1 and RB2 with Derrick Henry filling in for flex. I hope Ajayi and clement look great tonight, but I tend to stay away from Thursday games if I can help it. 


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