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Demi Lovato....heroin overdose?!?!?! (1 Viewer)

Disney picked her out and made her a star of many Disney kid shows.  They stuck her in everything on the Disney channel until she became popular.   She was the Disney equivalent to Miley Cyrus.

Very sad. Just had a pretty huge hit last year too

It is sad that someone like this who has "made it" ...professional and financial success ...cannot maintain control over their life.  But it sounds like the demons have been there a long time for her.

That's GM's schtick, bro.
I know who she is, I just would be hard pressed to identify her songs vs those of other pop stars of the modern era.  I know she is famous, just couldn't ID her breakthrough film role or TV show.  I know she was a host on American Idol or the Voice or Americans Have Talent.  

Just saw she was 25. :(

Damn, get better kiddo. 

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Heroin is just about the worst drug. Very few people can successfully kick it, and even those that do will be messed up for the rest of their lives, unable to experience pleasure the same way that they did before they got addicted.

Countdown until her publicist spins it into exhaustion or something.  Her team is already saying it wasn't heroin and she was uncooperative with emergency responders.

She's battled a lot of demons I hope she can overcome them. And lmao at not knowing who she is. 
I've *heard* of her, but since I have two teenage sons, they don't listen to her. And her style of music isn't my jam.

You could play a song of hers and I wouldn't know it unless you told me.


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