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DeSean Jackson 0 catches.Why? (1 Viewer)


Can any homers or who saw the game give me the lowdown on D Jackson today? I understand that Westbrook dominated, but McNabb still hit several WR's, but not Jackson. With Curtis going out with a concussion, I would have thought Jackson would be the #1 target in the passing game.... Just wondering what happened...Tnks

I was there live, and I can tell you, going left to right on your television, the wind was absolute murder, hence a low scoring first half all around. Eli didn't have much luck either, but he was victimized by several bad drops. Jackson was covered and he found Curtis for a few big conversions in the second and when the Eagles had the wind in the 4th, they had the lead and had a lot of luck just running through the Giants. No need to throw.

DeSean Jackson-WR- Eagles Dec. 7 - 9:30 pm et

DeSean Jackson was held without a catch in Week 14 against the Giants.

The Eagles were set on trying to use Jackson in the running game, but not once were they successful. He ran a reverse and an end-around, each going for negative yardage. Donovan McNabb targeted him a few times in the air, but the weather conditions would not permit a deep passing attack.


Better game-plan is what happened. The G-men were agressive, and in the conditions DMac was (rightly) content to dump off to LJ and Westbrook all game. None of the WR's caught more then 2 balls.


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