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Did Your League Champ Own DeAngelo Williams? (1 Viewer)

Did Your League Champ Own DeAngelo Williams?

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Actually in three money leagues, no one had him.

Antonio Bryant has been huge in the playoffs, I wonder how many teams had him.

He got bounced in the first week of the playoffs. Put up 30 pts that week, but his opponent had Westbrook who put up 32, Marshall who put up 21, and the Arizona DST who put up 26.

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In two of my three money leagues, yes. And I had him in both. I had a very good team top to bottom in one league, and had Thigpen, DWill and Bryant in the other (got hot at the right time).

Gotta DWill, need Greg Jennings to stay under 99 yds and 1 td, no ppr, to pull out the win, and Championship. Hope is alive. Got one 2nd and two 3rds with DWill, Dallas Clark helped kill the hopes of these teams the last 2 weeks.

No in two leagues. I beat the DWIlly owner in one league when he played Denver and came out early.

I won with Dwill, Brees, and VJax.... though ADP, Lynch, SJax, and AJ did little to further my cause.

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0-2. I had him in one league and lost last week, and I beat the guy who had Williams (and Roddy White and Andre Johnson) this week in the other one, thanks to Brees and Colston.

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I wont know until after tonights game...but I think the DWill owner will end up lossing. DWill owner up 4ish and has Gennings and Grant...opponent has Rodgers and Forte.

My other two money leagues....Nope.

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I pulled the shark move and traded Deangalo and Antonio Bryant away (yikes)... Different trades... I got good players in return, but it hurt to watch them down the stretch.... The only consolation if I wouldn't have made those trades I probably wouldn't have made the playoffs anyway....

DWill owner missed the playoffs by 1 game. League winner won with a runningback corp of McClain, Fargas and Hightower (I'm not kidding).

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3-1 redraft/dynasty

1-0 so far in survivor, maybe 2-0 (3 team championship over weeks 15-17)

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I picked up DeAngelo after his big breakout week 5 with no intention of ever starting him (ADP & LT2 owner in keeper league) when another owner dropped him week 4. I just couldn't understand how he could just be sitting there as a free agent so I nabbed him. Glad I did with LT not producing, DeAngelo carried me through the playoffs to the championship.

Drafted Deangelo in the 8th round, with the 11th pick, of a 12 team league. They used that damn Madden, xbox 360 draft thingy, after we pick it tells everyone he is the backup, and Stewart is the starter. Karma wins out, and I still hate that damn Madden 360 draft thing.

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roster of champ in my league

S. Hill

Deangelo Williams

M. Jones-Drew

V. Jackson

L. Fitzgerald

A. Bryant

T. Gonzalez




M. Shaub

M. Bulger

L. Tomlinson

B. Berrian

I. Bruce

H. Ward

2 out of three leagues. The only other one has its superbowl this weekend and I'm playing against the team with D Williams.

In one league, DWilly carried my step-mother to the 7 seed and then to the finals where she lost by 3 points.

In another league, the Williams owner didn't even make the playoffs. The rest of his team was weak and he was really bad at setting the right lineup.

I own him. Finals this week. I'm pretty confident I am going to win. We give 1 point per completion (dont ask why, i know its stupid) and my opponent's QB is manning. They also have Wayne. That should spot me a bunch of points right off the bat.

I beat the DW owner in the semi-finals (my own Pierre Thomas more than cancelled him out). Fortunately, I get to see his 4 TD game steamroller another guy in the 3rd place game. It would've sounded crazy at the start of the year that my Super Bowl week RB starters would be Pierre Thomas, Tashard Choice, and Desean Foster.

91/205 after my 'Yes' vote. Thats pretty strong for any single player. Not quite Marshall Faulk 2000, but still fantasy MVP worthy.

In 9 leagues. 2 of the winners in those 9 had DeAngelo (both were me). Only 1 other team in the finals had him and lost. 6 others didn't have him involved.

Williams was traded in our league for a bag of chips before he started to go off. It helped the guy make the playoffs but he was crushed in the first round.

I still don't know how our league champ pulled it off....went 1-3 followed by a 12 game win streak to sweep to the title.

Basically Cutler, Portis and Thomas Jones - the rest of his team was average at best. His IDPs were decent and consistent.

His fortune was tied to an easy playoff schedule. Everyone he played against threw up an egg. He had a good squad this year - but it was one of the weakest championship squads I have seen.

No but I traded for him just before he exploded. Traded Steve Breaston and a mid '09 2nd for Deangelo. ;) :thumbup:

I came in 3rd with him in one league (14 teams) and have him in the Championship this week in my other (12 teams). Both are IDP leagues.

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Yes, I have him and I won the superbowl and have the highest overall.

And I picked him up in week 4 after he was DROPPED!


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