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Assuming Rodgers doesnt set a league record for points tonight, I'll win my league's championship. I have neither Antonio or D-Will. I went up against Bryant's monster game in the quarterfinals but still won. The D-will owner didnt make the playoffs (which I'm glad about because he had a very explosive roster). I was fortunate to have a balanced and deep roster this year.

I'm in 9 leagues.

Unless I manage to hold on and win my game (Forte vs my 32 point lead) then Bryant will be 0-9.

I have Bryant, and unless Grant AND Rodgers are held to less than 10 points tonight, I should win that league championship.

I had Bryant in another league, but waived him a few weeks ago, and I missed being in that league championship game by 4 points.

Just won one championship by one point last night with him in, picked up in the 6th week.

Now if Jennings can have a huge game I'll win another with him as well after picking him up around week 6 or 7.

Sort of.

I won my league and I picked him up after he had his first 100+ yard performance a few weeks into the season. He was a bye week casualty a few weeks later for me (chose to cut him instead of Matt Jones) and I was never able to get him back.


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