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Draft Mistakes - Auto drafted team (1 Viewer)

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[SIZE=9.5pt]A death in the family (wife's grandmother passed away, very old but very expected) this weekend resulting in a "fun - $50 league" being autodrafted on Yahoo (was picking from the prime 6th spot as well). As expected RB's ran off the board quick resulting in a very odd team. I am not looking for a rate my draft more of a catch all for buyers remorse folks - how to fix this team quickly either in week one or early in the year.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=9.5pt] [/SIZE]

[SIZE=9.5pt]10-team Non PPR start QB/2xRB/3xWR/Flex/TE[/SIZE]

[SIZE=9.5pt] [/SIZE]

[SIZE=9.5pt]Stafford (6 points per TD so this is a possible upgrade point)[/SIZE]

[SIZE=9.5pt] [/SIZE]




[SIZE=9.5pt]Torrey Smith[/SIZE]

[SIZE=9.5pt]Lance Moore[/SIZE]

[SIZE=9.5pt] [/SIZE]




[SIZE=9.5pt]Hillman (picked up off the WW already)[/SIZE]

[SIZE=9.5pt] [/SIZE]

[SIZE=9.5pt]F. Davis[/SIZE]

[SIZE=9.5pt] [/SIZE]

[SIZE=9.5pt]I am considering try to trade Megatron for lynch or morris type back (hopefully can acquire a solid WR3 as a throw in) since that is my only position of depth. Thought behind this is that i will have an easier time finding a WR off the WW at some point than depth at RB. Secondary move is to improve the QB although stafford is not terrible. If this all fails (very likely) then i am ok with letting the first few weeks play out and go from there...a monster game or two by Dez or Megatron might give me the bargaining chips i need to pull off an early season trade.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=9.5pt] [/SIZE]

[SIZE=9.5pt]What have some of you buyer remorse guys been doing early on to fix draft mistakes? [/SIZE]

Honestly just wait. It's probably not nearly as bad as you imagine. Plus others who showed to the draft don't have needs yet because they drafted their team. Normally folks will only accept preseason redraft trades if they win it handily because they draft a winner in their minds (or they would have drafted differently)

thanks for the reply but i guess i was looking more for what moves have people made post draft moreso than my specific situation....prob should have worded better.

I like what you got a lot better than what I got stuck with.

I missed the first 5 rounds (was only 15 min late... whole 14 team, 15 round draft only lasted like an hour)

And was stuck with Foster, Brees, Bowe, T. Smith, Decker... out of the 4 slot... I'm like WTF!

And then I read the yahoo! draft grade and they have the fkin nerve to say this:

"Decleaters stocked up on pass-catching weapons early on, using three of their first five selections to pick up WRs Dwayne Bowe (third round), Torrey Smith (fourth round), and Eric Decker (fifth round). Despite that strategy, they ended up with one of the least prolific tandems of WRs in the league."


yea, THANKS YAHOO! If you knew they were so crappy why'd you have them preranked so high. A-holes.

Can't trade Foster with his perceived value in the dumps right now. Hoping Decker comes out on Thurs and has a huge game and I can dish him.

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