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Chaos Commish

I'm pretty sure I got this right, but I was a little :unsure: trying to figure out a couple of them. 1. Houston Texans2. New Orleans Saints3. Tennessee Titans4. New York Jets5. Green Bay Packers6 or 7. San Francisco 49ers or Oakland RaidersSubject to coin toss after the Super Bowl8. Buffalo Bills9. Detroit Lions10. Arizona Cardinals11. St. Louis Rams12. Cleveland Browns13. Baltimore Ravens14. Philadelphia Eagles15. Atlanta Falcons16. Miami Dolphins17. Minnesota Vikings18. Dallas Cowboys19. San Diego Chargers20. Kansas City Chiefs21. New England Patriots22. Denver Broncos (via Washington)23. Tampa Bay Buccaneers24. Cincinnati Bengals25. New York Giants26. Chicago BearsFrom there we have some different possibilities.If Seattle and Denver win27. Carolina28. Pittsburgh29. Jacksonville30. Indianapolis31. Seattle or Denver32. Seattle or DenverIf Seattle and Pittsburgh win27. Carolina28. Jacksonville29. Denver30. Indianapolis31. Seattle or Pittsburgh32. Seattle or PittsburghIf Carolina and Denver win27. Pittsburgh28. Jacksonville29. Seattle30. Indianapolis31. Carolina or Denver32. Carolina or DenverIf Carolina and Pittsburgh win27. Jacksonville28. Seattle29. Denver30. Indianapolis31. Carolina or Pittsburgh32. Carolina or Pittsburgh


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