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Draft Strategy Help (1 Viewer)


I have pick 9 in a 10 team PPR keeper league.

Knowing that Bijan will be gone should my strategy be double WR? Maybe a Diggs/Ra/Adams/Wilson combo?

Double RB with a mix of Pollard/Henry/Chubb/Saquon?

Maybe 1 stud in each?

Please lmk!!
I haven’t done a start up draft in a long time but looking over some 10 team mocks it seems a lot of people in your position have gone WR/WR which I typically love to do as well but their RBs have been abysmal for the most part. I probably couldn’t pass up a young stud WR with one of those picks but I’d strongly consider a RB with the other, dependent on who is available. What are the keeper settings like?

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