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Drafting a QB too early? (1 Viewer)


I know the arguments for not drafting a QB early, early I mean rounds 2&3. Wait for better value later in draft, you can always stream.
I’m in a 1 QB league, redraft, 12 teams.
All tds 6, 1pt every 20 yards pass, bonus at 300, 350,400 yards passing.

Passing on an Allen or Herbert or the top tier QBs seems foolish when they have a chance to blowup on any given week.
I hear Hurts, Brady, Lance, Burrow.
I just think there is a more chance of a boom for the top tier


*Sigh* This comes up every year. Lets just use last year's numbers. Allen scored 450 points (your league may vary) for an average of about 30 a game. The 10th highest QB, Kirk Cousins, scored 340, or about 23 a game. Numbers vary with games played and your scoring system, but generally, this is where they are. So, using a top pick on Allen gets you an extra 7 points a week. However, you had to take him 7-8 rounds earlier than Cousins. The top RB , Taylor, scored 360, or about 23 a week. Needless to say, you arent even going to get a viable RB at the spot where you would draft Cousins. You are going to be looking at one of the rookies like Walker or Cook at that sport or a questionable vet like James Robinson, who averaged 12 a game. It is also harder (if not impossible) to predict late round RB success.

For me it really comes down to, would you rather have Allen and Robinson or Cousins and Taylor. The names can be altered, but it really is a no-brainer to me. Im not taking a QB in the first couple rounds.


I agree with above analysis, however I feel it becomes less clear in rounds 3-4. You probably won't be able to take Allen here (but if you can, do it!), but should you take QB#2~#4 in these rounds?


Having all TD's worth six points it diminishes the advantage of rushing QB's because they don't gain a TD advantage and then what @Cjw_55106 said. Wait on QB's.


I appreciate you posting the topic as I’m going through a similar scenario in my keeper league:

Keep Josh Allen for my 3rd round pick
Toss him back, keep someone else, draft best available RB/WR/TE with that pick, & Target someone like Hurts/ Murray/ Wilson/ Lance In the middle rounds.

While the latter sounds a little better, locking up that stud QB with a late 3rd round pick to “set it and forget it” is also very appealing.

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