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Drafting Both Falcon Receivers (1 Viewer)

Warrior Brothers

In my three keeper league that starts three wide receivers, I was able to keep Foster, Spiller, and Julio Jones. With the fifth pick, instead of Victor Cruz, Antonio Brown, or Jordy Nelson, I took Roddy White. Ignorance, or off the wall shark move?

I don't know how picking Roddy White over those guys qualifies as a "shark move," but I agree with your pick. I think most people are projecting Roddy higher than your other options.

If he's your highest WR on your board, and you're looking to take a WR, you take him. It's that simple.

Even if you have a couple of guys in the same tier and you're otherwise indifferent, it can be a good idea to opt for the teammate, as it lowers your lineup's overall variance (which is something you should be interested in doing any week you have a superior team on paper).

In this particular case, I think White's a no-brainer over the other three guys.


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