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My brother in law and I were on a plane. I knew other people where there too, but never saw anyone, just sort of felt their presence or knew they were there or whatever. I knew my wife was there but never saw her - it's her brother.

I should note he passed away a few years ago from cancer. We weren't super close because we lived in different states but he's a good guy, we played golf when together, stuff like that.

Anyway, we were on a plane but it wasn't a normal plane, we were in a large room which reminded me of a cruise ship (we went on several cruises with my wife's large family) and BIL and I were talking about sky diving... neither one of us has ever sky dived before but we were experienced with it in the dream... I was holding a card with a bunch of stamps on it representing all the previous jumps I made. So we are excited to do this jump, we open the door and are fooling around regarding the jump, I said something like "push me out!" and we were laughing about it... so we jump, he's first and I go right after him... as soon as I get out of the plane I realize neither of us is wearing a parachute and I think I'm going to die. But I don't wake up! As I approach the ground the angle I am coming in isn't straight down but at an angle so I land and sort of run-it-out... almost like you would with a parachute but I wasn't wearing one as I said. He did the same thing in front of me without a parachute. I don't remember anything about being on the ground, the next thing I remember is being back on the plane that looked like a cruise ship and we were joking about jumping again... the vibe was something like doing it again right away after that scary incident/mistake we made by jumping without cutes the last time.

Lot's of stuff in that dream - what do you think it means?
I don't know how a dream interpreter would read it but 'some dreams' are not just 'dreams'.
Strict dream interpretation of flying dreams is well written of and it is generally positive.
However, if the 'dream' was that vivid that you note and then ask about I would say it was more than a dream especially as it involved your departed BIL.
Eastern people know death is not the end of existence, true. Many in the West can't wrap their head around that concept so if you can't get past that then ... but if you can then the next part is not well known but is also true.
Each of us is more than our physical body and every night the non-physical essence of us does indeed travel.
I'd say you had a real experience with your BIL.
I find how you describe how the 'plane' wasn't a 'normal plane'. Hmmnn.
I think you know what that means.
I don’t know much about the interpretation of dreams. The dynamic that you guys were skydiving definitely gives it an adventurous vibe. In the dream where you said you thought you were going to die when you weren’t wearing the parachute—did you feel like you were falling? I’ve had dreams before where I felt like I was falling—but as you said— I find that I wake up before the landing.
Your first paragraph happens to me fairly often. My wife is convinced I'm a medium, but I don't really believe in that stuff. The "feeling" of the other people's presence is always the wild part for me in the visits. They will speak to me not in words, but in emotions as you hinted at or mentioned. I often wake up in tears after these visits. The emotions I'm channeling or whatever must be so powerful that they drive me to tears. I am usually mentally exhausted for a bit after the visits. Especially when I have to give the wife a recap. Good times....

Edited to add, I don't think I ever sensed a living person in a visit.
Are you going through any transitions, or new risks? Any new partnerships or connections?

No fear at first… and still come out the scare intact.
I dreamed that I was the engineer of a train, and I was supposed to drive my train through a tunnel of some sort, but the train just wouldn't go into the tunnel. Every time I tried to enter, the train just went limp and powerless for some reason.

My interpretation is that this is my subconscious telling me to avoid Amtrak.

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