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DST for Playoffs/Championship (1 Viewer)


I was wondering for those of us out there in Fantasyland that stream DST week to week...What teams are you targeting as a WW pickup for the Playoffs and Championship weeks??


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I picked up the Bills this week. ATL, @TB, @JAX, Mia. Makes for a nice schedule for the playoffs.
Have them and browns. Not sure my winning this week chsnges much for my playoffs as I am in and cant ge a bye. Toying with dropping browns and gambling on a Goodwin or Hunter type. Just not sure I trust Bills this week as their HOme game is really indoors in toronto

I'm a strict one defense/ww guy all year every year until right before playoffs. I always drop my dead weight at the end of my roster and pick up 2-3 D's. Gives me options to lineup my matchups ahead of time and takes them away from my opponents.




Some examples I've picked up


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