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[DYNASTY] - '06 RBs - beyond the top5 (1 Viewer)

Who would you target - long term?

  • Brian Calhoun

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  • Maurice Drew

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  • Jerious Norwood

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  • Leon Washington

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  • Jerome Harrison

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  • Andre Hall

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  • Gerald Riggs Jr

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  • PJ Daniels

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  • Cedric Humes

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  • Dontrell Moore

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  • Taurean Henderson

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  • Wali Lundy

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Hi guyz!

Anyone looking at the boards recently knows that there has been millions of threads talking about the big4: Bush, Williams, White, Maroney...

From the other thread... seems that Addai is next on the list...

Why not vote for the next one then...

Assuming the 5 guys mentioned above are gone in your [DYNASTY] league (even though White's belly is causing issues)...

who would you want on your team for long term (Fantasy wise - career) based sorely on talent - and not on opportunity? (i.e. RB drafted by the Colts for example)... to really know which RB has the most talent in your opinion...

On pure talent, I like Maurice Drew a lot.

Good receiving skills, good runner, seems the only downside is his size.

Almost consider him "Bush-lite". The rest seem to have talent, but Drew could be something special with the right situation / coach.


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