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Dynasty: Manuel vs Smith (1 Viewer)


Which guy would you rather own? Smith was probably thought of higher pre-draft, but he tumbled to the Jets in the second round. Manuel was picked 16 overall by the Bills. Manuel has the better supporting cast with Doug Marrone, Spiller, and Stevie. When looking at incumbent starters(Sanchez/Kolb) I'd say that Smith is slightly more likely to start the season. Which QB do you prefer?

I like Manuel because of situation and draft position. I had these guys rated 1.01 and 1.03 In my 2qb league.

I actually thought their draft slots would be flip flopped but it turned out that the Bills preferred Manuel's raw upside.

As you mentioned the Bills have superior weapons across the board. They presumably have a better coaching staff offensively as we'll. Rex is a lame duck coach and there is going to be a big regime change presumably after this team takes last place in the division.

That may or may not be good for Geno.

Manuel, IMO, has a higher upside. More than likely neither guy will amount to much, but Manuel's superior physical talent gives him a higher ceiling and that makes him a better gamble. Plus, as the OP said, he is in a better situation.


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