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Dynasty Winners / Losers of Draft Days 1-3 (1 Viewer)

That said, I’m probably not alone in being concerned that Gainwell is going to relegate Sanders to a 2-down back.
I think that is realistic. I don't have Sanders anywhere. If I did I wouldn't be too worried about it because I think that's kind of what Sanders was before Gainwell came along. It helps the Eagles and it helps the backfield. 

To be clear I think they are both 3 down backs from the standpoint that Sanders doesn't have to come out on 3rd downs and Gainwell is going to get carries on early downs, but in terms of the share of the pie yes I think it is realistic to expect Sanders ceiling to be capped a bit. We've been using the Chubb/Hunt model all offseason but maybe that is what we have here, with a Sanders that gets more receptions than a Chubb. Per play.

But the Eagles pass more? IDK. I'm really probably not drafting either Eagles back.

kittenmittens said:
Marquise Brown has nowhere near the profile of Bateman.
I think both players will compliment the other beautifully.I believe the biggest winner is TE Mark Andrews. Brown and Bateman stretching the defence vertically will allow Andrews room to roam underneath.

Defences will have to pick their poison. Both WRs with dynamic skill sets, game breaker speed, burst, separation , YAC, and route running.,Brown, Bateman, and Andrews form a formidable 3 headed monster. 

Bateman is a beast at 6 -3 with sprinter speed and as mentioned above, exceptional route running skills and great hands.. 

I think Bateman would have been this year’s Justin Jefferson had he landed in a more WR friendly environment..

Here's an attempt to be somewhat thorough...

*veterans only, rookie landing spots belong in another thread


Mike Davis -   I view this as the headliner upset victory.  Finally, ATL adds a nice UDFA in Hawkins, mercifully allows me to keep Ollison & Cordarrelle off this list.   

Myles Gaskin - The other headliner upset victory.   Ahmed and Malcolm Brown share in the spoils.

Edmonds & Conner -  (also Eno Benjamin & J. Ward if you want to go deep)  Less of a surprise. The Conner signing along with a shortage of picks signaled that they might be willing to kick the RB can down the road a year.  Great opportunity for Conner to reclaim his career or Chase to prove he can carry the load.  I still think a 2022 investment is likely.

Moss / Singletary - (Breida deep)   Emphasis on Moss.  Not necessarily a surprise, but a big vote of confidence to go along with O-line help. 

Allen Robinson / Mooney / Kmet - Possible savior at QB.   Improved O-line.   For Mooney, I thought something more substantial than Dazz Newsome might be in play to compete for WR2. 

Montgomery - Same as above.   I like the Herbert selection, but seems like a poor man's David Montgomery.  

Swift - (& probably Jamaal Williams)  Big upgrade to O-line.  Like the Jermar Jefferson pick enough to put Kerryon on the other list.

Hockenson - Like the St. Brown pick, but he's no Chase.  Hock is looking like a target hog.

Cephus / Ty-Willy / Perriman - Emphasis on Cephus.  Thought something nastier than St. Brown might come to town.  WR1 & WR2 is there for the taking.

Goff -  (begrudgingly)  (+) O-Line  (-) No True WR1  (+) future replacement not yet drafted.

Herbert / Ekeler / K. Allen / M. Williams  -  Slater, big-time O-line upgrade

Lamar Jackson - two nice WR additions in Bateman and Wallace

Hurts - draft showed a big vote of confidence.  No QB drafted.  Moved up for D-Smith.  2nd round O-lineman.   Adding another receiving weapon like Gainwell.

Matt Ryan - Pitts.  No QB replacement drafted.  Pitts.  Pitts.

Burrow - Chase   ...as long as enough improvements were made to O-line.

Tua - Waddle.  Backfield is fine, but a big-time RB would have helped take some of the pressure off

Daniel Jones -  Another WR weapon in Toney.  The competition is still Mike Glennon.

Golladay - Still looks like the clear WR1

Kyler Murray -  Picks up Rondale Moore, if not a more dynamic RB.

Darnold -  Finds a big time WR in Marshall to replace Samuel.   No competition drafted.

Fitzmagic / Heinicke - No QB drafted.   Fitz gets another WR to chuck bombs to in Dyami Brown.  Just makes you feel good to see this guy get the starting job for a year without a directive to mentor his eventual mid-season replacement.

McLaurin &  Samuel -  Forgot these two, but a full year of being peppered by Fitzmagic definitely qualifies as a win.

Jimmy G - Gets the QB that might buy him another full season to prove his worth.

Lock / Bridgewater  -   No QB drafted.   Not much of a competition if A-Rodg isn't coming.

Winston / T. Hil - Incoming QB competition is 4th rounder, Ian Book.

Chark / Marvin Jones / Shenault / Collin Johnson -  Hate mentioning them since they got their bump months ago.   However, nothing of consequence drafted.

Lindsay -  No RBs drafted to HOU.   Lindsay is the youngest in a collection of high mileage, worn down RBs.   Unless you buy into Howell or Scottie Phillips.

Akers / D Henderson -  Emphasis on DH, as Akers' role was safe.   As much as McVay liked rolling a three-headed RB with Brown, it was nice not to see any obvious attempt to replace that.   This looks like a clear feature back with a clear handcuff.

Fournette / Ronald Jones -  (& Gio / Vaughn deep)  -  No competition added.

Hardman / Pringle / Demarcus Robinson -  I don't mean to sleep on Powell, but this looked like a spot where there might be a sizeable investment in a WR2 to replace Watkins.  This could be a muddled mess of WR2 by committee, but the job is there if any of these guys step up.

Darwin Thompson / McKinnon -  Deep bench diving.  You can maybe include CEH and D-Will, but their roles weren't going to be impacted in 2021.  I lean more on the Darwin side of this.  Is it possible Chiefs staff took note of his week 17?   They cut Damien Williams and didn't draft a replacement.   Free agent competition is a guy who can't get on the field.  Maybe those of us who were stashing Damien Williams before he was cut should start looking in the direction of Darwin?  

Ruggs / Bryan Edwards - (& also Renfrow and Snead deep) -  Raiders free agency and draft reads as a vote of confidence that either Ruggs, Edwards, or both can step up in their sophomore season.  No WR selections.   Brown and Snead signings seem more like insurance policies to set the bar.

Higbee - no Everett replacement.

 Devontae Booker -  6th round RB selection.  Booker should be the favorite to backup Barkley

Corey Davis - Mims -   Elijah Moore definitely eats into projected target share, but Crowder also would have and appears to be on his way out.   Meanwhile, the WR1 is still there for the taking for the two outside WRs with draft pedigree, even if they feel like underdogs to actually step up and take it.  If they don't, it might be Moore from the slot.

L. Perine / Tevin Coleman / Ty Johnson -  I like the Carter selection early in the 4th, but this looked like a spot that would be in play for one of the big 3.   Perine and Coleman will have a chance to fight Carter for the top spot.  I'm rooting for Carter, but 4th round rookie RBs aren't anointed starter.  Hopefully this isn't a full-blown RBBC, but it's certainly possible. 

Goedert - As long as we've waited for this guy to be the uncontested TE1, and are still waiting to see Ertz off the roster, the fact that Goedert owners had to endure Kyle Pitts projections at one point in the mock draft season makes zero TEs drafted pretty sweet, even if expected.

Josh Reynolds -  This looked like a prime location to be drafting for a WR2 replacement.   Spent decent capital for Fitzpatrick, but it seems like Reynolds is going to have a better shot at the WR2 than anyone was expecting coming into the draft.

Tre'quan Smith / Trautman - WR2 role appears secure for Smith.   Trautman could see plenty of targets.

AJB -  I get that this guy looks like the 2021 king of target share, and yeah, that probably makes him a winner.  It probably isn't impossible for Reynolds/Fitzpatrick and Firkser to be reasonable replacements to CD and Smith.  However, I can't say that I would have been upset with one piece that's a little more dynamic to keep the defensive coverage from being draped over AJB in 2021.   We'll see. 

Lazard / Valdez-Scantling  -   Similar to Tennessee.  Amari Rodgers seems a bit more formidable, but are we sure that he's a clear upgrade to Lazard at the WR2?   Obviously, you can flush this one if A. Rodgers the QB leaves town.

Agholor / Bourne / Meyers / Harry -   Seemed like a prime spot for a top WR.   Just a late selection.

Paris Campbell / Pascal -  No substantial WR investment is probably a good sign that Campbell's recovery is on track.  Also reads as a vote of confidence in Pittman.

Firkser -  Passed on a Jonnu replacement.

Manhertz / O-Shag-Hennessy -  Popular destination for Freiermuth.   No substantial investment.

Sample / Uzomah / Thaddeus Moss -  Another team that passed on TE.

Knox / Hollister  -  No competition added.

S. Perine / Trayveon Williams  - Drafted Chris Evans late, but this looks like a winnable RB2 competition to replace Gio.

Ant Gibson / McKissic -  No RBs drafted.   Jarret Patterson is a notable UDFA.

Darynton Evans - No RBs drafted to compete for #2.

Penny / Dallas / Homer / Collins -  No additional competition for RB2.   Knowing Carroll, you can probably add Carson for no additional RB1 competition.

Kamara / Latavius Murray - no developmental RB added to the mix.

Gabriel Davis -   Stevenson added to the mix, but I think Davis is still on track for eventual WR2.

Richie James - No WRs drafted.

Mason Rudolph -  Why is PIT dead set on this guy as their backup?

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James Robinson (& Hyde) -  The headliner.   Hopefully Robinson was found money and not someone you paid a ransom for.  He's still going to be relevant.  Finding a fantasy RB3 off the waiver wire is still a huge get, especially with  a year of RB1 production in the bag. But yes, RB1 --> RB3 is going to take the cake.

Marq Brown / Watkins -  (Duvernay & Boykin deep) -  An offense that doesn't pass is now littered with WR talent.   

Melvin Gordon / Boone / Royce Freeman - I thought there was a fair chance the Broncos might hold off this year.   Gordon as a volume play, dead.   Boone promotion to #2, dead.

Hayden Hurst - trade rumors, but any hope of a second season bump are dead with Pitts in the picture.  I'm not sure that he played himself out of the job so much as TE greatness fell into the lap of the Falcons, but the idea of Hurst as a dynasty darling just waiting to break out is starting to run out of time.

Tee Higgins / Boyd - they should gain efficiency with Chase, but it won't offset the loss in target share.   Hopefully we will see a lot of 11-personnel for Boyd.   He's been very productive to be relegated to WR3.   Still very safe properties, but the ceiling for both takes a hit.   A Sewell selection puts these two towards the top of the other list.

Mixon - Not a huge hit here, but misses out on a monster O-lineman.  The three WRs on roster won't help to make this a more run-balanced offense, but will also keep defenses on their heels.  No competition coming in, so he should get as many carries as his health allows.

Parker / Preston Williams - Waddle and Fuller in.   Opportunity is closing.

Gesicki - Waddle addition to go with Long in the 3rd.

Ebron - Wins the Freiermuth sweepstakes.

Damien Harris / Michel / James White / JJ Taylor -  Another RB piece in Stevenson that should keep the BB RBBC going in full force.  Not much added to the O-line.

Mostert / Wilson / Gallman / Hasty - Just in case it wasn't clear how expendable you RBs are.  Say hello to Trey Sermon and Elijah Mitchell.

Miles Sanders - (& Boston Scott / Howard)  Gainwell addition isn't helpful for Sanders.  However, better to have Gainwell coming in as a 5th rounder than a 3rd rounder.  Seems like an R.I.P. for Scott in any fantasy leagues.

Shepard / Slayton / J. Ross -   Toney further /  muddles the receiving core.

G. Ward / Fulgham -  Become fantasy afterthoughts.  Best chance is for Raegor to fall on his face.

Snell / McFarland / Ballage - No surprise, but Najee should be a fantasy death blow.   3rd & 4th investment in O-line doesn't add much appeal to any prospects of a handcuff emerging.

Roethlisberger - Not an O-line guru, but is their 3rd & 4th round investment going to be enough of a fix?   Najee will help.

Tannehill - Hoping for more at WR2 or possibly TE.   Did pickup a 2nd round O-lineman.

R. Wilson - Picks up a couple of interesting depth receivers, but no help on the O-line.

Cam Newton - No WR additions.   Late O-lineman.   Gets to mentor a statue to replace him.

A. Rodgers - Legacy position.   If he stays, is Amari Rodgers a clear upgrade to WR2?

Tyler Johnson / Scotty Miller / Justin Watson - Another interesting young WR to compete with IF Godwin and AB ever leave town.  Meet Jaelon Darden.

Crowder - Elijah Moore pick makes Crowder look like a cap casualty.  Could land well in TEN, DET, KC, or GB.

DJ Moore / Robby Anderson - Live or die with Darnold.  Marshall and Shi Smith should keep WR3 target share healthy.

Akins (& Warring deep) - Brevin Jordan selection

Joshua Kelley / Bradwell - Rountree selection is either an indictment or competition.

Guyton / Tyron Johnson - Seemed like they had some momentum.   Palmer selection isn't helpful.

Van Jefferson / De-Jax - Atwell and Harris in the mid-rounds.

Sutton / Jeudy / Patrick / Hamler / Hamilton -  Bridgewater v. Lock isn't the competition you were looking for.   Have to see how the A-Rodg drama plays out on this one.  Sutton and Jeudy could end up as the biggest offseason winners.  Seth Williams selection isn't helpful for the bottom half of this depth chart.

Damien Williams / Cohen - Herbert selection isn't helpful, albeit 6th round.

Kerryon Johnson -  7th round selection of Jermar Jefferson, just in case you wondering if they had any confidence in KJ staying healthy in an RB3 capacity.

Peoples-Jones - Schwartz investment was a little surprising.   Also added Felton for good measure.


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