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Eli Manning 2013 unofficial Spotlight (1 Viewer)

IF Nicks stays healthy Eli will be top 10 material easily. Last year the offense bogged down with Nicks out of the lineup. Eli(and the Giants) need him healthy all year. Myers is an upgrade at TE IMOP. A healthy Nicks,Cruz,Myers,Wilson out of the backfield and Randle when they go to extra WR's and Eli has a plethora of talent to get the ball to.

I think the lack of replies says it all. He is what he is, I think he's a QBBC matchup guy at best and a QB2 if you land one of the top 7 or 8 guys. Sure, a healthy Nicks will help, but I just don't see him beating out 9 of the other QB's this year for top 10 upside. The way he really struggled down the stretch last year has to be a concern, although he and his team have always been pretty streaky. I'll pass on him this year.


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