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Emotional Moments At The Movie Theater (Offshoot of "Top Gun") Thread (1 Viewer)


Spring of 1996. Pretty depressed from losing my college scholarship the semester before and having to drop classes this semester due to not attending, needed a place to hide for the 4 hours I was supposed to be in class before I went to work. Ducked into the dollar theater and bought a ticket for Leaving Las Vegas. I'm the only one in the theater for a 10:45am showing and by the end of it, I just sat there numb, staring ahead, unable to move, questioning every decision I made in life.

The kid cleaning up the theater didn't even bother me and I sat there until the next showing. Got up halfway through and got to work on time. I remember just thinking for the first time, being an adult could suck bad with the wrong decisions.

Still a movie I visit from time to time, if only to go back to that moment, which at the time seemed the worst, but looking back was a pretty simple time.



I saw Rocky in the theaters as a kid... the place went ape-#### during the fight scenes at the end, chanting Rocky's name. 
Saw Rocky IV on opening night.  The audience reactions were like the final fight was real and U-S-A chants broke out by the end.


Leroy Hoard

The thing I remembered most about the Rocky films was that there was a girl at our school named Adrian. She was not happy about everyone shouting to her "Yo Adrian!". 



A Quiet Place was a pretty cool in-theater experience that made it all feel more emotional.

Hardly a peep. People even ate their popcorn quietly.  Well... except for my wife who just kept munching away at her normal sound level before she finally figured out why I kept elbowing her. 



As a teenager when I saw Poltergeist, I recall half the audience practically hitting the ceiling when the clown attacked the little boy in the bedroom.
I and everyone I know that I've talked to about this movie will never own a clown doll.  I'd never get to sleep.

For me - the end of Dead Poet's Society in a packed theater.  Silence then a standing ovation for all of the credits.

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Not really MY emotional moment, but clearly one of the most emotional moments from an audience that I remember.

American Sniper

Outside of myself and a handful of others in the audience, I don't think anyone knew how the story was going to end.  Eastwood delivered a gut-punch to the crowd with the epilogue explaining what happened to Kyle.  To this day, I don't think I've ever heard a more sincere and spontaneous display of lament from a crowd.  Gasps, cries of disbelief and even some wailing (I kid you not).  Walking out of that theater was like leaving a funeral.  Everyone was deathly quite with the exception of some who were still having difficulty regaining their composure.


When Captain catches Mjolnir in End Game.  The theater erupted like a goal was scored in a World Cup game. Loudest I have ever heard a movie theater.

Cap and Thor's hammer, theater went nuts.  

30 minutes later....

Tony Stark's funeral.  Theater silent, save quiet sniffles.
Yeah when Thor smiles and says, "I knew it" and Cap starts swinging the hammer, that was badass. 

When Captain America catches and is able to wield Mjolnir in Avengers:Endgame the audience went nuts cheering - I got goosebumps.
Was in the theater opening night for this one.  The theater was packed.  Not an empty seat in the place.  They did such a good job setting that scene up.  I was unprepared for it.  I'm not one to be very expressive while in my movie seat, but even I cheered (spontaneously) for that moment.  The audience sounded more like they had just watched their favorite sport team hit a last minute shot to upset the #1 seed and win the championship.  I didn't even know what Thor said until I watched it again a few weeks later cause the crowd was still hootin' n hollorin' for Cap to whack the bejeezus out of Thanos with Mjolner.

I also got full bodied chills when Cap finally gave us the "Avengers Assemble" battle cry.  This, again, was just a great setup.  They'd been sitting on that for 8 years.  It never gets mentioned in the first Avengers.  They tease us with it at the end of Avengers 2.  Infinity War?  Nope.  They waited until they had EVERYONE together to face the biggest baddy in the universe.   Chefs kiss perfect.  Still gives me goosebumps every time I watch it.




I still tear up just a little on the scene

"My friends ... you bow to no-one"

at the end of Lord of the Rings Return of the King



As a teenager when I saw Poltergeist, I recall half the audience practically hitting the ceiling when the clown attacked the little boy in the bedroom.
I saw this movie twice in packed theaters, about a week apart. This entire scene scene is awesome and the director had the audience in his hand. In the first movie I was along for the ride with everyone else. In the second, I was wise to what was going to happen and I watched the crowd instead. 

you hear the doll scurry across the floor and everyone tenses up, as if on cue. The kid, ever so slowly, peers over the edge the bed. The entire audience starts to lean forward, anticipating the scream. He yanks up the bed spread and everyone in the theater is just so ready to scream. But nothing is there, so the tension is released and people start to fall back into their chairs. Then the kid rolls back into the middle of the bed and gets attacked. Then the crowd loses their ever loving mind, completely surprised.

watching the crowd react to that sequence, blissfully unaware that they were reacting the same way that everyone else, was was awesome. So much fun.


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