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Eric Wright to the 9ers, look to cut Rogers (1 Viewer)


The Tampa Bay Times projects Bucs CB Eric Wright to start opposite LCB Darrelle Revis, with second-rounder Johnthan Banks manning the slot.
Reporter Stephen Holder believes Banks would have to be "superb" to beat out Wright in camp. Wright is still only 28 (next week), and barely a year removed from signing his since voided five-year, $37.5 million deal. He's a strong bounce-back candidate provided he can put his injury and suspension-plagued 2012 behind him.

then to show that reports like this mean nothing

49ers acquired CB Eric Wright from the Buccaneers in exchange for a conditional 2014 late-round pick.
Wright was projected to start opposite Darrelle Revis in Tampa, but it now looks like second-round rookie Johnthan Banks will be given every opportunity to secure the job. Soon-to-be 28-year-old Wright recently took a hefty pay cut from the Bucs, and he's signed for just $1.5 million this season with no guaranteed money. He'll compete with a handful of other corners in San Francisco, though Jason Cole of Yahoo! hears the 49ers want to dump Carlos Rogers.

Why do you think they cut Rodgers? I know that's the report but was wondering your opinion.

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Why do you think they cut Rodgers? I know that's the report but was wondering your opinion.
He's due another $4mil (or thereabouts) this season that would get off the books (both financially and salary cap wise) if he gets the pink slip.

New 49ers CB Eric Wright was arrested and charged with suspicion of DUI last Friday night in Los Angeles.
Wright posted $5,000 bond and was released. This undoubtedly played a part in the Bucs' decision to ship him out on Friday. Various beat writers reported, following the trade, that the Bucs were planning to release Wright had they not found a trade partner. They did well to secure a late-round pick.
This is a camp depth move, wright sucks. If anyone gets cut it's him.
Because the 9ers are soooo deep in the secondary?

I just love how ol' Hardballs has to eat his words about his team of choir boys being "above reproach" and how if your team needs to cheat to win, you've already lost. :bs:


How is he going to spin the acquisition of a PED offender + a week old DUI charge?

Pot meet kettle... maybe Hardouche should learn to just mind his own business and keep his big flapper shut... especially when dragging Bo Schembechler down with him.

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Nice to see we're keeping it classy.

I believe Baalke's efforts to stock the roster with high character guys was in large part for functionality. Once you create a solid foundation with quality people it becomes less risky to bring in problematic players.

I don't know that this was considered a means of staking out some sort of moral high ground unless we base it on Harbaugh's comments to the press. But then he says a lot of things..


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