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Falcons Giants Game Thread is the greatestest game thread of threads! (1 Viewer)

This is the 1st MNF I didn’t need anything in either league. 

I’m up 100 over my opponent in one league facing Ryan, but I’ve got Ridley. League 2 I’ve got Ryan but I’m up 80 & my opponent is done. 

Ahhhhhh, jjst gonna have a beer and hope for no injuries. :wub:  

Big key to the game is keeping Manning clean early. If he's not getting destroyed early he doesn't get the jitters in the 2nd half. That's the big change from past years, he can't recover from those shots early in games anymore.

EDIT: Love the 3 step drop and out shots. When Falcons bite opens up the deep shot.

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Booger: “Matt Ryan has went no-huddle a couple times tonight.”

really Booger? Has went? :doh:  

wow - Ridley looks good. What injury? 

I really dislike BW Webb, dude gets burned every week or makes a dumb mistake, but it doesn't stop the dude from strutting like he's a big shot.

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I'm not used to the Giants having a pass rush.

What is this warm liquid coming from my eyes...

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I know some of you might be bummed about this match up. And the fact that next week we get the Bills vs the Patriots. And then that the following Monday is Cowboys vs the Titans and then 49ers vs the Giants. But don’t let that distract you from the fact that in four weeks from today we get the Rams vs the Chiefs.

its an uphill battle but we will get there together. 

The reason the Center change for the Giants is important is after the season-ending injury to Halapio, the Giants were getting rushed up the middle constantly. Giants can scheme Eli on rollouts if pressured on the edge, but he can't escape pressure in his face. It's imperative that this new guy (Spencer Pulley whodafuk?) holds up.

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Everyone is wowed by the wow plays   :wall:

This broadcast could be a drinking game... drink every time they say something really stupid... although I might die of alcohol poisoning by half time :lol:

The Giants offense reminds me of the most annoying Madden players who nonstop screen/swing pass & date you to  cover it. 

If Solder can't protect on the left Giants are effed. 

Don’t feel the pressure coming or anything Eli
Eli's biggest flaw is he thinks his line should be able to protect him for 2.5 seconds. 

He's WAY too trusting.

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I tuned in just in time to listen to Witten expounding on the how Saquon runs with balance.....

Is it me, or is it Dan Dierdorf Pt 2?

I like how immediately after Goodells fall meeting press conference, expressing optimism and pride in increased ratings, we are hit with two straight 45-10 blow out primetime games. 

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They prob shoulda started the World Series tonight. 

I need something to watch during these commercial breaks after every 4 plays.

Not... even ... 2 ... seconds.

I can't stand it. I just can't stand it. I can now see the Giants season ended once Norwell went to Jacksonville.

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