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Fanduel question (1 Viewer)


When you’re in the lobby, do you see a Horses tab? If so, when you drill into it, is there 1 slate for Saturday at 8:55am (ITV racing) with 1 tournament? When I try select that tournament it simply clocks and clocks. This tournament shows up for me every Wed or Thursday for the last couple months but I’ve never gotten to the point where you can choose horses and enter.

I mostly use iOS apps, but I have also confirmed it’s there when I use a standard web browser. FanDuel support has been rather worthless, but they did relay to me last week that it should be a legit contest to enter. Beyond that, not much help from them.

I’m more curious than anything, although I did enjoy the horses at Gulfstream this summer. 

Same here. I’ve seen this tournament on and off for the past month, but it always clocks and can’t get into it.


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