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FBGs Top 3 songs: The Beatles (closed) (1 Viewer)

comfortably numb

Very simple... list your top 3 songs in order with #1 being your favorite.

I'll tally up the numbers awarding 3pts for your 1st place vote and 1pt for your 3rd place.

Feel free to discuss and make funnof each other's top 3. Ill let this run til I'm bored and feel like tallying up the scores.

1. Let it be

2. Strawberry fields

3. While my guitar gently weeps


A day in the life				56
Let it be						25 (tie breaker 5 1st place votes to 3)
Wjile my guitar gently weeps	25

Here comes the sun	19
Revolution 	16
Hey Jude	15
In my life	15
Ticket to ride	14
Strawberry fields	14
Hey bulldog	10
Elanor Rigby	10
Tomorrow never knows	9
Blackbird	8
Yesterday	8
I am the Walrus	7
Abbey Shuke Road Medly	6
Dear Prudence	5
She said she said	5
Rocky Raccoon	5
Help!	4
Rain	4
If I fell	4
I've seen just a face	4
Don't let me down	4
Mother natures's son	3
For no one	3
Here, there and everywhere	3
The word	3
With a little help from my friends	3
Helter Skelter	3
Because	3
Get back	3
Baby you're a rich man	3
Twist and shout	3
Taxman	2
Oh!Darling	2
Long, Long, Long	2
A hard days night	2
Nowhere man	2
Penny Lane	2
Happiness is a warm gun	2
Norwegian wood	2
Martha my dear	2
Something	2
We can work it out	2
8 days a week	2
I think we're alone now	2
Golden Slumbers	1
She came I through the bathroom	1
Wild honey pie	1
I've got a feeling	1
Back in the USSR	1
Dr. Robert	1
If I needed someone	1
Money (That’s what I want)	1
I'll follow the sun	1
Don't pass me by	1
I'm only sleeping	1
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Here comes the Sun


She came in through the bathroom window 

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Even harder than the Stones. Could be different in an hour. Guess I’ll go with...

A Day in the Life

Dear Prudence


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Nearly impossible - I'm a bigger Stones fan than Beatles but think this one is tougher.

Here Comes the Sun

Hey Bulldog

I've Got a Feeling

Ticket to Ride

Eleanor Rigby

Rocky Raccoon

Probably 30 other songs that I could substitute and still be happy. 

Really impossible.  

Let it Be, which might just be my favorite song.

A Day in the Life, which might be the best representation of everything they were.

Hey Jude, which might be the best sing along song ever written.

I reserve the right to change. I think. Can we extend this to 30 songs to be safe?

Huge Beatles fan and my favs change all the time after Abbey Road Medley at number 1. I'll eliminate that and cover songs and go with-

Strawberry Fields Forever

Let It Be

For No One

I was hoping someone would have my exact three so I could just say  :goodposting: .  Alas....

Here comes the sun

Let it be

Hey Jude

1.  A Day In The Life

2.  Hey Jude

3.  Here Comes The Sun

I auditioned a LOT of song titles.  Those were the three that made me tear up a little as I typed them.  So they win.  


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