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Fitbit Force...anyone else have one? (1 Viewer)


Got one for my birthday and love it. Very similar to the Fitbit one, but its a wristband instead of a clip on. Synched up with MyFitnessPal and indirectly thru Endomondo. I like how it calculates a running calorie count during the day. Also monitors sleep patterns during the night and signals when you have been restless during the night.

The Force is nice but it's not water proof.........WTF were they thinking????????

I have the Fitbit One and will stick with it for awhile.

Had a Fitbit One that survived two wash and dry cycles. I tried the wrist band but it just was not as accurate as the clip. I decided to go back to the One but saw the Withings Pulse. Love it so far and it seems to track the sleep cycle a little bit better.

I've bought the Flex about a week before they announced the Force. :hot:

I like it.
Also have the flex and like it. Easy peasy once it is set up as it syncs with your phone automatically via bluetooth and it has an annoyingly effective alarm on it as well.
Was about to try and buy one and see they recalled the force bc if skin irritation complaints.

Was stoked to track my sleep like its exercise.

Starting using a FitBit Flex - question for you guys tracking your sleep. Do you normally go in and edit your sleep time?


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