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Footballguys Survivor - Championship Round (1 Viewer)

Clayton Gray

Just call me Carlton
Staff member
Format for Round 3

The league will be Best-ball Play-all format

In Best-ball, the highest-possible scoring line-up is automatically started for each team.
In All-play, teams play every other team every week. The highest scoring team will go 11-0 that week. The second-highest scoring team will go 10-1. Etc.
The league will run from Week 11 through Week 16.Scoring will be WCOFF rules

Starting line-ups will consist of 1 QB, 2 RBs, 3 WRs, 1 TE, 1 flex (RB, WR, TE), 1 PK, and 1 defense/ST.

The draft will consist of 22 rounds. The order will be determined by KDS and includes a 3RR.

In KDS, you will pick your draft spot.
In 3RR, the draft is order is as follows:
Round 1 - 1-12
Round 2 - 12-1
Round 3 - 12-1
Round 4 - 1-12
Round 5 - 12-1
Round 6 - 1-12
EtcLeague Link (draft time/date TBD)


Here are the participants ordered by how they will select for KDS (with Round 2 record):

BusMan - 53-2
David Yudkin - 46-9
Andy Hicks - 44-11
Master of Past and Present - 42-13
ConstruxBoy - 38-17
John Norton - 36-19
renesauz - 35-20
nittanylion - 33-22
elcohiba - 38-17
alonegunman - 34-21
Eraser - 33-22 (rolled an 81)
Clayton Gray - 33-22 (rolled a 30)Draft Order:

Clayton Gray
John Norton
David Yudkin
Master of Past and Present
Andy HicksPrizes

1st place prize: lifetime subscription, FBG hoodie, FBG hat, FBG duffle bag, FBG shirt, $500 cash
2nd place prize: 3-year subscription, FBG hoodie, FBG hat, $250 cash
3rd place prize: 3-year subscription, FBG t-shirt, $150 cash
4th place prize: 3-year subscription, FBG t-shirt, $100 cash
5th - 12th place prizes: 1-year subscription and choice of FBG t-shirt or hatThe Thursday Game

Even though our draft will take place later in the week, the results from this Thursday's game between the Patriots and Jets will count toward the Week 11 scores.

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1. Draft day and time: I'm available for all listed options.

2. KDS selection: 8th pick (1.08, 2.05, 3.05, 4.08, etc.)

Good luck to all; its gonna be a blast.

Rough weekend for me as I have family coming in town for my daughter's 2nd birthday and I don't want to pull a switz. Thursday and Saturday would have to be at about 8:30pm or 9pm EST or later. Friday I would prefer late as well, but I could do 7pm if needed. Hoping there are some west coasters. :lmao:

I can probaly make whatever time we ultimately decide on, but my preference would be Thursday night, then Firday night, then Saturday night. Starting 7 or 8 Eastern time would be my first choice, but if the other guys need later I guess that's ok (although probably not past 9 pm).

I'm still deciding on a draft spot.

Thurday could be very problematic for me as my girl may still be in the hospital and even if I made the draft (50-50), I'd have next to zero prep time.

The rest are fine.

I'm good for any of those days but would prefer Saturday after 7:30 EST if possible.

Congrats to all who have made it this far :rolleyes:

Congrats to all that have made it this far. Surprising to see so many staff members still around. I guess they know stuff.

I can probaly make whatever time we ultimately decide on, but my preference would be Thursday night, then Firday night, then Saturday night. Starting 7 or 8 Eastern time would be my first choice, but if the other guys need later I guess that's ok (although probably not past 9 pm).

I'm still deciding on a draft spot.
;) I've made my choices available to Clayton in case you keep procrastinating.

For the draft time, either as early as possible or as late as possible. In order of preference Saturday afternoon/evening/night, Friday Night, Thursday night.

Whatever is chosen however, I'll make it work.

Updated Draft Order

1 - Construxboy

2 -

3 - renesauz

4 -

5 - alonegunman

6 - John Norton

7 - elcohiba

8 - BusMan

9 - nittanylion

10 - David Yudkin

11 - Master of Past and Present

12 - Andy Hicks

I'm pulling for you, Elcohiba and Nittanylion. Make our Leg 1 folks proud.
Thanks, Dirty Weasel! Very kind of you!These have been some incredibly challenging Drafts and Leagues - I'm sure everyone who participated has gained a great deal of insight, and become better players for them. Looking forward to seeing how this Championship Leg shakes out. Very, VERY tough field. Whoever takes this thing is going to be a truly worthy Champion.This is great. Just great!
Any more discussion on draft time? Need to make plans with family coming in town. Sounds like most people are OK for either Friday at 8pm or Saturday at 8:30pm or 9pm, EST.

Is there anyone that cannot make one of those times?

This was the final draft order . . .

1 - Construxboy

2 - Clayton Gray

3 - renesauz

4 - Eraser

5 - alonegunman

6 - John Norton

7 - elcohiba

8 - BusMan

9 - nittanylion

10 - David Yudkin

11 - Master of Past and Present

12 - Andy Hicks

Are we any closer to setting a time for this bad boy? While I can probably carve out a time if need be, it would be nice to know when that time is.

A little help Carlton?

I'm not sure who's butt I need to kiss to get in this next year. Could someone kindly tell me who's butt to chase?


Looks like fun (The league that is-not the butt kissing).

I'm not sure who's butt I need to kiss to get in this next year. Could someone kindly tell me who's butt to chase?


Looks like fun (The league that is-not the butt kissing).
Here's the LINK to the original thread with instructions on how people got in the contest.
This was the final draft order . . .1 - Construxboy 2 - Clayton Gray 3 - renesauz 4 - Eraser 5 - alonegunman 6 - John Norton 7 - elcohiba 8 - BusMan 9 - nittanylion 10 - David Yudkin 11 - Master of Past and Present 12 - Andy HicksAre we any closer to setting a time for this bad boy? While I can probably carve out a time if need be, it would be nice to know when that time is.A little help Carlton?
Congratulations to all who advanced. Good luck in the finals. I wish I could've been one of the 12.
This was the final draft order . . .1 - Construxboy 2 - Clayton Gray 3 - renesauz 4 - Eraser 5 - alonegunman 6 - John Norton 7 - elcohiba 8 - BusMan 9 - nittanylion 10 - David Yudkin 11 - Master of Past and Present 12 - Andy HicksAre we any closer to setting a time for this bad boy? While I can probably carve out a time if need be, it would be nice to know when that time is.A little help Carlton?
Still hoping for Sat at 8:30pm or 9.
I'm not sure who's butt I need to kiss to get in this next year. Could someone kindly tell me who's butt to chase?TIA.Looks like fun (The league that is-not the butt kissing).
I can't speak for the other Message Board guys that are still in it, but I'm guessing that 90% of the staff have never even seen my name.I did have a solid run in the FFA as "Stu Pitt", but other than that I am unrecognizable around here.E
According to an E-mail Clayton sent me it's 9 PM EST Friday night.

Good luck all!

(I don't really mean that as I really want to win, but I guess it's the right thing to say! :mellow: ) This has been a blast so far!

The draft order on the site is not correct. I think it's in the seeding order right now instead of the order we picked.

Just a question - how are you guys going to score yesterday's game? If someone chooses Cassel, do they get his 40 pts?

Looks like it was almost as fun as the IDP Survivor Finals

Congrats to everyone for making it this far. Respect to everyone's teams and drafting skills, just doing some commentary so I can look stupid in a few weeks.

Favorite Picks

LT at 1.12 (Hicks) - He's still LT and his schedule gets a lot easier after this week

White at 2.03 (Yudkin) - Surprised he wasn't in the top 5 wideouts.

Colston at 4.04 (Eraser) - He'll put up typical Colston numbers down the stretch. Steal.

Bowe at 5.02 (MoPaP) - a #1 WR with a hot QB in the 5th? What gives?

Gates at 5.03 (Yudkin) - maybe this would have made sense before the season when we werent sure how his foot would react to game play, but he's back to TE1 status.

Rodgers at 5.12 (Construx) - An elite QB has one bad game and he falls this far?

Cooley at 6.01 (Construx) - the last elite TE without no ?s and he usually finishes strong

Avery at 6.12 (Hicks) - Terrific WR for survivor leagues, major steal if the Rams start trying again

Graham at 7.03 (Yudkin) - I know his knee is banged up, but when you see the next RBs off the board were lesser RBBC types, Graham is a major value here

Curtis at 7.08 (alg) - He'll be McNabb's #1 down the stretch.

Holmes at 8.05 (alg) - definitely worth taking the chance that he gets hot - Deep passes are there, just going to Washington instead, but this team will have to pass a lot in December.

RoyWill at 9.01 (Hicks) - Romo is back. Roy is starting. Hard to see why he fell.

Bradley at 9.07 (norton) - Again, we're too prejudiced by preseason non-expectations. He should have went higher.

Ryan at 10.03 (resenauz) - averaging about 250/2 over the last 5 games. All warm weather/dome games left on the schedule. steal.

Betts at 10.04 (Eraser) - After the way he played down the stretch in '06, and Portis confirming an MCL sprain, could end up being the steal of the draft.

Engram at 10.05 (alg) - alg is just nailing the mid round WR picks. Hasselbeck is back. 8 catches for Engram the last time they played together - and Seattle got blown out in that game.

Benson at 10.08 (Busman) - He's going to start for the rest of the year unless he gets hurt

Moore at 10.09 (nittany) - As a Steeler fan, I wish I trusted FWP to stay healthy. I don't. PPR value even while FWP is "healthy".

Thigpen at 11.02 (MoPaP) - What am I missing? Thigpen is red hot and the schedule is not tough.

Boss at 12.02 (Clayton) - TDs in three straight games, as Norton would say, thats not a fluke, thats a trend.

Orton at 12.10 (yudkin) and Hasselbeck at 13.06 (elcohiba) - I know these guys are coming back off of injuries, but theyre definitely worth the risk this late

BJones at 14.11 (MoPaP) - He's Tennessee's #1 and playing the best ball of his career right now.

Fjones at 15.04 (nittany) - why not? Perfect for survivor.

Bradshaw at 17.06 (elcohiba) - Sneaky pick. If Ward or Jacobs get dinged, Bradshaw becomes a solid RB play every week.

Least Favorite Picks

Addai at 1.07 (elcohiba) - In a contest like this, you have to nail that first pick, Addai is ice cold and he's been injury prone. Should have been LT, Chris J, or a WR

Wayne at 1.08 (busman) - Without a terrible misplay by Ike Taylor last week, Wayne stays cold in the box score, and he's banged up.

Cassel at 2.01 (hicks) - I know you get his huge game, but when you invest that high at QB in survivor, you want a guy who will give that top 5 week every week, like a Brees or Warner.

Lynch at 2.08/Slaton at 3.08 (alg) - Alg invested three top picks at RB, and I dont feel like he got a sure thing other than Gore (1.05). Buffalo is struggling and doesnt know how to use Lynch, and Slaton was starting to wear down in practice before last week, so he's dicey.

Gonzo at 2.11 (Clayton) - This group underrated TE across the board, so Carlton overpaid for Gonzo, not to mention the top 4 TEs are tightly packed enough to want to take the last of them (like construx did with Cooley), not the first.

Favre at 6.08 (Busman) - He was playing like crap until Thursday. He's a QB2 at best.

Fjackson at 8.01 (construx) - A little early for a lesser RBBC guy who hasn't been busting off big plays

Deuce at 8.11 (MoPaP) - Bush should be back next week, suspension looming, hard to see the upside here.

If I have time I'll handicap the teams later this morning.

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alonegunman in the 5 hole

QB: Romo in the 5th was a great anchor, and two more starters. I also like the 3 QB strategy with injury rate at this position.

RB: Huge investment here, but I don't see a major advantage. Only Gore looks like a guy who could go off consistently down the stretch

WR: Terrific use of mid round picks should keep this group competitive, and guys like Holmes and Curtis are liable to put up some top 10 weeks

TE: Winslow went about right where should have, and he'll get 6-8 balls a game with Quinn only using the part of the field within 15 yards of the LoS

K/DEF: Love the Titans as a #1 D

I don't see a trump card here, but it's a solidly built team. If Lynch and Slaton stay cold and Hillis doesn't pan out, a finish in the middle is best alg can hope for.

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Andy Hicks in the 12 hole

QB: Risky Cassel strategy discussed above, although Delhomme was a value. After that, why 4 QBs? 3, yes, but 4? Maybe he thought Hill was too good a value to pass up.

RB: SD and CAR running games locked up, which could be a major problem if both teams go cold the same week.

WR: We'll give you a pass on the Walker pick. Good investments mixed b/w upside guys (avery/chambers/roy) and baseline guys (housh/evans)

TE: It's nice to get Watson's big start, but if the first half trend continues, this group could be anemic, although the Miller pick late was savvy.

K/DEF: Colts are a good sleeper with their late schedule.

Andy gave up a lot to get Cassel's huge week. If his Qbs stay middle of the pack and that running game comes up snake eyes, he could have to absorb a week at the bottom.

BusMan in the 8 hole

QB: I like that he went 3 deep. Not in love with the Favre pick, but Campbell was a steal, and Fitzpatrick is a sneaky #3 with his penchant for running

RB: Jacobs/Lewis is a fine baseline, and if Sjax comes back in week 12, he could put Busman over the top.

WR: Smith's a good anchor - Wayne was a reach, and I don't see much explosiveness from the rest of this group. Middling at best.

TE: If Keller stays a prominent part of the attack, he's a major steal, and Carlson's value takes a leap with Hasselbeck back.

K/DEF: Not sure I like the 3 def strategy with a quality 1 and 2 like BAL and SD

After an outstanding 2nd leg, Im not sure this team has the juice to repeat that top finish unless Sjax gets healthy fast and Wayne starts producing like we're used to seeing.

Clayton Gray in the 2 hole

QB: Cant argue with Brees, and I think Clayton did the right thing investing very little after that/

RB: Hightower as an anchor isn't ideal, although Ricky is hot, and McFadden is an interesting hail mary in the 9th. If LenDale keeps scoring, this group should be ok, but not more.

WR: Boldin, and hope for big plays. I do like the deep threats and Hill is probably SFs best WR right now - this group will be top 2 or 3 some weeks, bottom 2 or 3 in others.

TE: Great combo, but overpaid for Gonzo as discussed above

K/DEF: Hester's warming up, I like that Bears pick.

If Gonzo and Brees stay hot, this team can hang, but the WR and RB groups are landmines.

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ConstruxBoy in the 1 hole

QB: He went with 3, although Im not sure Culpepper counts. Collins is a fine baseline for Rodgers upside, although Construx got caught on the wrong side of the backup QB run

RB: AD and err, umm... well, Norwood definitely has upside, but this group is going to have to be carried by the other positions.

WR: TO and Moss are a quality 1/2, although they are more up and down than consistent, Royal will help. Clayton might get more work with Mason banged up, but I dont see much upside from the rest of this group.

TE: Love the cooley pick as discussed above

DEF: Reached a bit for MIA, but the schedule justifies it

It seems like no team is depending more on their top picks than Construx. If AD or Rodgers go cold, this team is dead in the water.

David Yudkin picking 10th

QB: A terrific three headed monster without overinvesting. Each of these guys could take turns as Yud's top scoring QB.

RB: I would say he's depending a lot on Bush getting healthy next week, but Yud also picked up 3 starters, and an upside guy in Morris. Some risk, but reward to make it worth the early pick of Bush.

WR: Andre and Roddy are about as consistent as any of the top WR options, so the crazy committee at WR3 should be fine.

TE: Gates was value as discussed above

K/DEF: Vikes finally played like the D we pictured when they were going #1 in the preseason.

I really like what DY did. He's definitely one of the favorites because he drafted for depth and upside.

elcohiba picking 7th

QB: Manning and Hasselbeck look fine to me.

RB: Can't say I loved the Addai pick as discussed above, at least not without a later Rhodes pick. Same thing with Brown sans Ricky now that Ricky is hot. LJ is a bit overkill after spending the top two picks on RBs.

WR: elcohiba did the smart thing by hammering this position in the midrounds, although it's an uninspiring group on the whole. Middling to Bottom.

TE: Clark was fine value where he went, but now this team is very vulnerable to an off week by the Colts. Would have liked to see a better backup with CLark's injury history and up and down week to week profile

K/DEF: 3 Ks and 3 Def is probably not worth it - a third TE and another pick like Bradshaw would have been better.

Well, if the Colts O really returns to form, elcohiba could make some noise, but I don't really see any other scenario that puts this team in the mix to win.

Eraser picking 4th

QB: I think Rosenfels was value in the 9th, and backing him up with Schaub was essential. Not a huge fan of Flacco, but you cant argue with the numbers. No upside in this group, but should hold the line with minimal investment.

RB: I really like this group because Eraser got Betts to back up Portis. I also like that Eraser only used 5 roster spots because he locked up 3 starters early.

WR: 5 straight picks at WR after the 3 RBs to open, Colston should be a fine #1. If Edwards and Walter can trade off big weeks, and Mason and Vjax stay consistent, this should be a solid group.

TE: Eraser did the right thing by going with 3 TEs since he didnt get an elite option. Olsen has upside with Orton back, and Davis made his best play of the year last week. Shockey is fine as a what the heck #3.

K/DEF: Love the big play D combo. GB has 6 pick sixes already this year.

Smart drafting by Eraser throughout, it looks like he had clarity on his strategy. I dont see any major holes, this team should be middling at worst with a shot to win it all.

John Norton picking 6th

QB: A very strong group, Warner should give a handful of top 3-5 weeks, and Quinn was a good pick late if only to play keep away from QB poor teams.

RB: Three starters and two high upside backups. Great work here.

WR: The Guru didn't take a WR til the 5th. He didnt do as good a job as some of the other teams that waited on WR, but high upside late picks like Porter and Hardy could play a big role, and Bradley was a steal.

TE: Daniels and Miller is a solid combo, Miller could get hot if the Raiders figure out how to play some offense.

K/DEF: John also went 3 D, but I cant fault him as much, because all 3 of his Ds are high upside units.

Hard to see holes on this team, good depth to absorb an injury or two, and theres enough upside at QB and RB to offset a middling WR group. Should be in the mix.

Master of Past and Present picking 11th

QB: I would normally say 3 QBs are called for, but Rivers and Thigpen were both value picks, so I think that's a fine combo to roll with.

RB: A lot of faith here in Deuce and McGahee. Maybe too much, although if McGahee remains the starter, he was a steal. I would have liked to see Ray Rice instead of Deuce at 8.11 and another late shot in the dark pick like Pittman.

WR: a nice group with three studs, and a flex committee that has a good combo of baseline (Mumu, Jones) and upside (Washington, Harrison).

TE: Not bad for waiting until the 10th to take TE1, a good baseline guy in Scaife. Lewis has been consistently getting 3 or 4 catches, he could be even more valuable when Jones gets suspended. Good work with minimal investment.

K/DEF: Sadly, Jax hasnt lived up to expectations, but Atlanta is coming on. Middling group, but he didnt squander any picks on 3rd Ds or Ks.

I really like MoPaP's draft except the RB depth, but the WR depth should make it so his RB3 never comes into play as a flex. To have three stud WRs and no major weakness means this team is a contendah.

Nittanylion picking 9th

QB: Not much upside here. With a middling QB1 like Eli, I would have liked to see Johnny pull the trigger on a QB2 before the 14th.

RB: Clearly an RB2BC plan, although Im not sure MJD will be steady enough against that rough schedule to patch over the rough spots. I will say Johnny's picks were perfect for that plan.

WR: Like MoPaP, this group should make sure that Johnny's RB3 never has to be a flex. Ward is a fine baseline flex, and Rice was a savvy late pick with his TD catching ways. Would have maybe liked to see Gaffney instead of one of the RBs at the 8/9 slot to offset teams double covering Moss the rest of the way, but otherwise I like what he did here.

TE: Witten could be a big steal, and Miller was way underrated, nice pick there to contribute at flex. Between Frerotte, Shiancoe and Rice, Johnny should be happy anytime Minnesota goes off through the air.

K/DEF: Only one D could come back to haunt Johnny, but at least its a good one.

The WRs have to carry this team until one of the RB2BC pans out. I do love the talent of Rice, Ward, Felix, Moore, and if they trade off big weeks, this team will be strong.

Resenauz picking 3rd

QB: Cutler and Ryan. LOVE this combo. Cutler is worth as much as any QB that went before him, and Ryan should be a top 15 QB down the stretch.

RB: MBIII will hold things down, but there's a big vacuum at RB2. Parker is dicey, even without the injury, the schedule sucks. Julius could be a steal with Hasselbeck back, but I dont trust him, Moore should have been the pick there. Washington is a fine security blanket at RB2, but not getting ST TDs hurts.

WR: A kind of thin group after the top 3. Hester is a fine part of a flex committee, but Im not sure the SF combo will yield much. Bruce seems to be fading, and Morgan was ruled out awfully early this week.

TE: Taking 3 was the right way to go with Scheffler's injury issues, although I dont see much upside for Fasano and Smith.

K/DEF: Not sure what 3 Ks gained, but I do like that WAS remaining schedule.

I think this team is going to have trouble hanging at RB2 and Flex, and I dont see that much upside built in. Probably middling at best.

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Once again, Just to make it this far, all y'all have skillz, I just think the commentary is better when I actually take a stand on some teams, with that being said...

In It to Win It





Can Win It With Some Breaks and No Major Injuries






Likely Also Rans




So there's so bulletin board material for some of you, a blooming for others. If I had to pick a favorite, I'd anoint Yudkin.

Here's to more in-season drafts! Great work everyone!


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