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For I am rustycolts lord of the idiots. (1 Viewer)



So I thought I had learned my lesson after The Misfits and Outlaws leagues fiasco quite a few years back. I haven't played in any leagues that didn't use league safe since then. Until about a month ago that is. I joined a league advertised by danman99 aka Daniel Kayal. He has since been banned at FBGs.

Anyway he was running a 50 entry at $50 each survivor league on run my pool. With all the upsets I was looking pretty good if it had been legit. I guess run my pool would let you set up leagues and run them for 2 weeks free but you had to pay site fee by the 3rd week. Well he didn't pay so the pool was locked with a message contact your commissioner. So I did.

This is where the king of all idiots kicks in. Daniel Kayal told me he needed to collect site fee from entries so he could pay them and get pool reopened. Now since my front porch light burns a little dim sometimes I said hey I'll send you the $50 so you can get the pool reopened and get it back to me later. So no he's got me for $100 and everyone else for $50.

The pool was closed and Daniel Kayal disappeared into the sunset. Here is a link I found on him a day late and a dollar short. So beware if you ever run into any of the user names noted in this article.

That sucks and really UNLUCKY

My memory is bad but I knew his name sounded familiar. I did a quick search and looks like he scammed other member(s) here a few years back.
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Sounds like a real POS. Sorry for your loss rusty…. Serial scammers seem like they’re becoming increasingly prevalent and the justice system doesn’t do much about it.
Sorry Rusty, I just assume anyone looking for players is a scam....I also didn't know you were a Jewish woman
How many participants? RYP runs of flat fee of $1/person. I run a couple of pools there that actually pay you.

Edit - I see 50 participants
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