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March Madness Contest 2024 (1 Viewer)


If anyone is interested in getting into my pool run at CBS, post here or feel free to PM me with your email and I'll send you an invite. $10 per sheet, multiple submissions allowed, and I'll be collecting payment using Venmo (Preferred) and if needed, Paypal. I had over 50 participants last year, a mix of personal friends, co-workers and folks from another fantasy board.



Irish (V-$30)
Dcat - PP ($20)
Bobby S - ($50-V)
Heehawks - ($20-V)
Jeff G. in and paid ($10- Venmo)
Mary K (V-$10)
Mollie (V-$10)
Petey M (PP- $20)
Adam S. (V-$30)
Bryan S (V-$10)
Lauren T (V-$20)
Mike W (V-$40)
Seth M $10
Ian M $10
John S (V-$10)
Daniel S (V-$20)
Jeremiah W (V-$30)
Nick S (V-$30)
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We have less than 24 hours before the start of the games that count toward this bracket contest. For those in, get those brackets filled out.

Is anyone else interested?
With a total pot of $650, here are the Payouts:

1st - $320
2nd - $160
3rd - $100
4th - $50
5th - $20
After UCONN took home the title last night, here are the Final Standings and Payouts:

1st - $320 - Adam S.
2nd - $160 - Nick S.
3rd - $100 - Jeremiah W.
4th - $50 - Mary K.
5th - $20 - M McC 2

Congrats to all winners! Everyone has been paid up. See you next year.
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