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Last minute birthday present ideas for a 21st birthday girl (1 Viewer)


I'm a 43 year old nurse. The birthday girl is a 21 year old nursing assistant, soon to be graduate student who is super smart. When you first meet her you'd think she was stuck up, but she's actually not. She's just mildly socially awkward.
Anyway, everyone else going is younger and probably broke, so figured I'd get her something, but we are literally meeting up in like 4 hours so it's gotta be an easy grab and go.
What better place to ask than the shark pool?
Stuff like edible panties and "toys" probably would be a big swing and a miss.
If I can't figure something out then I just buy her a drink or two.
Funny type presents are ideal I would think. I can't think of anything at the moment.
Honestly, I don't even know why they invited me. I'm the "unit dad".
Get her something she will need for her new career; a pulse oximeter, BP cuff or a gift card to a local scrubs shop.
Guess I'll go with lotto tickets, a cigar, and a drink. Three things that I'm sure were impossible for her to get her hands on yesterday.
a bottle of bubbles: cava, prosecco, CA sparkling, champagne.

fun, celebratory, and she can enjoy it whenever and with whomever she wants.
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This would have made one hell of a Friday Thread ten years ago.

Good luck OP! Hope you are single and make some bad decisions.
Married. Didn't make any bad decisions. Birthday girl was nice and toasted. The inability to feel her fingertips or lips signaled no more drinks.
Two of them had to work at 7am today. Ahhh to be young again

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