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Fun facts while we wait for the start of the season (1 Viewer)


- Only 2 RB's have scored 6 TD's in a game.  Dub Jones in 1951, and Gale Sayers in 1965.  The fun fact here is that both had only 9 carries.

- Kellen Winslow Sr. is the only TE to have 5 TD's in a game (13/144/5).  He did it on a day where Dan Fouts DIDN'T even throw for 300 yards!

- Adrian Peterson rushed for 296 yards in only his 8th game as a rookie.  What's even more amazing - he only had 43 yards at halftime.

- The 2000 Chargers set a league worst record with only 1062 rushing yards - 19 individuals topped them that year.

- In 1923, Jim Thorpe fumbled at the 2 yard line, and it was picked up and returned 98 yards, by none other than George "Papa Bear" Halas.  That record stood for 50 yrs.

- From snap to whistle, the average NFL game takes only 11 minutes.

- Former CIN RB James Brooks graduated from Auburn and was the 24th pick of the 1981 NFL Draft.  After joining the NFL, he was sued for child support, and it was discovered he was completely illiterate when he couldn't read the court documents.

- If all 256 regular-season games finished in a 7-7 tie, the playoffs would be determined by coin toss.

- Brett Favre's first completed pass was to... Brett Favre!  Here is the youtube link -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=59ZLPZasEgo&feature=player_embedded

OK folks, now back to your 100th version of the subscriber contest! 

I had to add one more fun fact that I just found

- In Jamal Lewis's 2003 campaign where he ran for 2066 yds and 14 TD's, he finished as RB4 behind LT, Ahman Green, and Priest Holmes.

I'll play :banned:

Only 2 non kickers have played more than 300 NFL games: B. Favre and J.Rice

The largest point spread in NFL history was in week 2 of the 2013 season,The Broncos were favored by 26 1/2 over Jacksonville:The Jags covered,losing 35-19

Sammy Baugh,in a single season,once led the NFL in passing,punting and intereceptions

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