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Game Thread W10 - St.Louis V NY Jets (1 Viewer)

30-0 with a few minutes to go still in the half.

Jets-Pats on Thursday looking a lot better now. That game will give the winner a small leg up in the division.

This is the second time since 1960 that a team had scored 40+ points and allowed 0 points in the first half. Teams that have accomplished such feats have never missed the Super Bowl. :lmao:

St. Louis fans throw in towelBy JIM SALTER, Associated Press Writer Nov 9, 2:30 pm EDTST. LOUIS (AP)—St. Louis fans have decided to call it a year. Thank you and good night.
This is a good time to take a trip down memory lane.

In 1980, no team had ever gone 0-16. Of course, no team has ever done it since then, either. But the New Orleans Saints were awful close that year, and started the season 0-13. They lost the first game of the season to the 49ers, 26-23. They played the 5-8 49ers in Candlestick in their fourteenth game of the season, looking for revenge and one of their last chances to avoid 0-16.

They went up 7-0, 14-0, 21-0, before SF made it 21-7. Then NO scored again... and again before the half ended, making it 35-7 at half. Surely 0-16 would be avoided.

But behind three sceond half TDs by Montana and a 7-yard Lenvil Elliot score, the 49ers time it before regulation ended, and won it 38-35 in overtime. That remains the largest comeback in NFL regular season history.


The Huskers have put in the redshirt freshmen to finish the game.

Meanwhile, Scott Linehan is enjoying a cold, frosty one with a big smile right now....

Time to torch the barn and kill the rats.

Bulger...trade him for a bag of socks or cut him.

Jackson...trade him. He's a cancer.

Holt...see Bulger

The whole damn thing needs to be blown up. Did Howie Long play for any bad Raiders teams like his son is with the Rams?


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