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Game Thread W15 - Dallas V Washington (1 Viewer)

Good cheap shot by Washington.  Only 15 yards to get one of Dallas's best offensive weapons out of the game.  :thumbdown:
How was that a cheap shot?Witten wasn't out of bounds and was clearly starting to advance up the field.

Washington didn't lead with the helmet or spear him.

So again, how was that a cheap shot? :confused:
Didn't lead with the helmet?? How does someone NOT lead with the helmet and still hit the guy with his helmet?Witten got hit right in the facemask by the guy's helmet. His forward progress had stopped and the whistle had blown.

Cheap shot.
You're not watching the game are you?They showed an overhead shot and after Witten shruggd off the first tackle he advanced 2 or 3 steps up the field before Washington hit him. While the refs may have blown the whistle, as Witten didn't stop neither did Washington, plus as loud as it is down there, neither oplayer may have heard it.

OH! And Washington didn't lead with his helmet. He came racing in and clobbered Witten in the chest first with his arms shoving him out of bounds and as Witten is about 4" taller than Washington, Washington's helmet got Witten in the facemask.

It was NOT a cheap shot. Even Aikamn, one of the announcers for this game, said it was a BS :penalty: by the Refs.

way to many false startsawful game so far for the cowboys..glenn that ball hit you IN THE NUMBERS!!!!!!!awful

This is just plain awful. They better get their heads out of their ###es or we will be watching the playoffs in Dallas. :X

PENALTY on DAL-T.Tucker, False Start, 5 yards, enforced at WAS 31 - No PlayPenalty on DAL-T.Tucker, Offensive Holding, declinedPENALTY on DAL-T.Tucker, False Start, 5 yards, enforced at DAL 43 - No Playbanner day for Tucker

It isn't like Newman is doing anything anyway. Maybe Glenn will do a beter job of keeping Moss from running all over the place.

I gotta hand it to the Redskins. They came to play today. I thought for sure Dallas wouldn't make the same mistakes as last time, but Washington has dominated...

How we can play so well one week and so bad the next is beyond me. The Redskins are not this good. The Cowboys defense has cashed it in. They have no heart.

Shouldn't the genius Parcell have his team ready for huge game?Nope the fat old overrrated piece of crap has his team commiting false starts, holding penalties, missed tackles, missed 38 yd FG's.what a joke.

Shouldn't the genius Parcell have his team ready for huge game?

Nope the fat old overrrated piece of crap has his team commiting false starts, holding penalties, missed tackles, missed 38 yd FG's.

what a joke.
it'd be nice for some credit to be given to the Skins here. In a rivalry game with a great head coach, and with a lot of veterans, Dallas did not just not show up. Theres no way they don't show up at all with all 3 of those factors. Washington deserves credit.
sunuva#####! Bledsoe and the Cowboys Def has shown absolutely no consistency this season. Frustrating for a Cowboys fan... :(

yupwe cant tackle.. we cant go 2 plays without a penaltywe dont deserve to be on the same field as the skins right now.PATHETIC

Like I said, they have cashed it in. Losing twice to the Redskins in one season is not allowed. I dont care if we go 1-15, as long as one win is against the Redskins. This is supposed to be a playoff team and they are down by 28 at the half to a mediocre at best team......pathetic.

So..... anyone start Cooley today?
Right here big guy. As it turned out I may not have needed him but it's good to see Brunell having the confidence to throw to him. Hopefully he saves something for next week vs the G-Men. :thumbup:
I went out just prior to the late games starting to take a little walk. I was down in my playoff game and it looked bad, though not insurmountable.I just got in and saw that my tight end, Chris Cooley ,had two touchdowns.No more than three minutes later, I watched Cooley get his third touchdown of the first half.Wow.


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