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Game Thread W16 - NY Giants V Washington (1 Viewer)

SANTANA MOSS!!!!!Feeling very luck after that opening kickoff return and Plaxico having that ball go off his fingers. Go skins!

Tiki looking really bad, just las I predicted. He'll kill all his FF owners this week.

I am loving the Skins playcalling today!Run the ball a ton, but when you do want to throw, do something unexpected.End around, deep pass to Moss, RB option, WR screen....awesome.

looks like the ball did touch the ground, but I think he had control of it, which means that before 2000 it would be no catch, but they changed the rule after the TB-STL playoff game in 1999 IIRC.

The catch was called a TD, and there wasn't any evidence to overturn it. The previous Wash penalty was one of the dirtiest hits of the season -- a blatant helmet leading hit.Then again, according to many around here, it could just be the "Giants Conspiracy" set up by the NFL. Right? :rolleyes:

What is the deal with man of many targets and few receptions Plaxico Burress? Is it business as usual or is he hurt?
He dropped a sure TD on the first play of the game but has been pretty quiet since. The Skins are playing pretty tight defense so far.

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