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Game Thread W4 - Atlanta V Carolina (1 Viewer)

Falcons Inactives

QB D.J. Shockley (third quarterback)

WR Laurent Robinson

CB David Irons

LB Tony Gilbert

C Alex Stepanovich

T Sam Baker

DE Simon Fraser

TE Jason Rader

Panthers Inactives

QB Matt Moore

WR Ryne Robinson

S C.J. Wilson

LB James Anderson

G Mackenzey Bernadeau

T Frank Omiyale

WR Dwayne Jarrett

DT Gary Gibson


Anyone know if this is a huge blow to the Falcon line? Can't be good to lose a starter but was a rookie so maybe the back-up isn't that far off.

Terrible roughing the passer call against Carolina. That should have been a interception TD return for Carolina.

WTF -17 yards for Roddy?!?
2-4-ATL 24 (1:39) (Shotgun) M.Ryan pass short left to H.Douglas to ATL 21 for -3 yards (K.Lucas). 2-37-CAR 30 (1:46) (Shotgun) M.Ryan right end pushed ob at ATL 30 for -40 yards (K.Lucas).

1-20-ATL 47 (1:53) (Shotgun) M.Ryan pass deep right to R.White to ATL 30 for -17 yards (C.Gamble).

can someone update what is ACTUALLY going on???

ETA nevermind they updated it, White is now 3 for 53

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Otah down for Carolina. Jordan Gross was already knocked out of the game. Seems the OL is getting battered today.


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