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Game Thread W6 - Carolina V Detroit (1 Viewer)

J. Robertson with a crushing block in pass protection. I hope those in desperate need of RB help heeded the advice.

"he had no risk of losing the ball, but still a risky play."What on earth is this guy talking about. BTW, when does Harrington bashing start? Always funny stuff.

Uh-oh, looks like another off week for Steve Smith?? Colbert 3 for 53, Gardner with a couple, Smith 1 rec. for 1.. Uncanny how the every other week thing happens.....got a bad feeling here...is he being triple-covered again?

yeah yeah yeah, i know...but c'mon, can't blame me for falling for the "every other week" jinx. It's been like clockwork.Was he cradling the ball like a sleeping baby in the end zone after scoring? Classic!

Kev Jones in locker room with shoulder injury. Return is questionable per sideline chick.


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