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Ghost Adventures on Travel Channel (1 Viewer)


Maybe I'm silly but I love this show.  

I used to watch Ghost Hunters on another network but it's no longer aired, even repeats.

I'm pretty interested in the paranormal so I watch.


We have been big fans since the beginning. My wife has a thing for Zak. I get it.....  We are going out to Vegas here in a couple months to visit his museum. .

If you haven't seen it, watch Demon House. It is pretty darn good and actually seems like the real deal there.You should also check out the pilot of the series from like 2004. 

You can tell when they go to places that are just borderline anything going on--Zak and the crew resort to the "At this point I noticed a distinct change in (insert name's) behavior," or they go full on orb this--orb that.

I am one of the most level headed people around--I dare say boring would not be a far off description, but I am huge believer in the paranormal. I have had way too  many experiences, starting from when I was little, that there are just no explanations for. 

Fake drama Zak is hilarious.  That and sending Aaron places he doesn’t want to go.  Lolz


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