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***Giants vs Chiefs Does Anyone Really Care About This Game Thread*** (1 Viewer)


I feel your pain. 1-7 likely baring a Massive Mahomes Monday Night. Which I'm changing my team name to if he pulls it off. :banned:

Catchy. That pick didn't help but the touchdown made up for it a bit. Would have liked to have seen a touchdown without a pick, but it is what it is. 

We have to hope that Giants turn this into a track meet. Need to root for Daniel Jones a bit here. 



woullda prefered hitting the wide open Kelce there
Lots of us here are hoping for just a little more from Hill. Then you can have Kelce time. In the event KC gets a nice lead, I don't think they let up given their recent struggles.



lol Peyton with another one.   Stewart asks can we make more mannings?     peyton "my dad's stud fees have gone way up"


Hot Sauce Guy

I’m so mad that there’s a Baker Mayfield commercial that actually made me laugh. “The password…..is 6” 



Hot Sauce Guy

Jackson may have saved a TD getting in the way, but the ball was a little off target too. Mahomes just doesn’t look right. 


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