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***Giants vs Chiefs Does Anyone Really Care About This Game Thread*** (1 Viewer)


Run the ball, and hope to run as much clock as possible? Could take it down to 1:14 or so before NY gets the ball back, assuming they have to use a TO.



Giants have a timeout and didn't use it? That's...odd to me. I get why you'd save it, just don't agree with it. 



As much as Vikings fans were freaking out last night. I feel better about the Vikings than I do KC right now. They squeaked by a very injured 2-win team at home. Minnesota lost to maybe the best team in the NFL, that happened to be starting a backup QB. 

This Chiefs team is very much a .500 team right now, and the offense seems to be a problem as well as the defense. 

ETA: Chiefs are 1-4 in the AFC, 3-0 against the NFC East, and likely an underdog against Dallas. 

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